Prior to my actual vacation in Canada, my cousin send me a private message while I was still in Dubai about our plan to go on a glacier adventure. She direct me to website where I can browse the photos of the place and upon checking the link I was like a child who keep on wishing for days to pass by quickly so that I can see it personally.

Our glacier moment finally kick off. Our side plus two other families drove all the way to Jasper early in the morning. It will take 4 to 5 hours to reach our desired destination.

This is my very first weekend trip. My cousin told me to sleep since it will take more hours of driving but with this kind of scenery on both side of the road, I better be awake.

This is my very first weekend trip. My cousin told me to sleep since it will take more hours of driving but with this kind of scenery on both side of the road, I better be awake.

We have 2 activities on that day – visiting Columbia Ice Field and Glacier Skywalk. Some of them already experience the Skywalk many times but some has never been to ice exploration. If they are excited to come back, I am more than thrill to see both places for the first time.

Lots of visitor are coming back and forth inside the waiting area. Some of them buy their ticket. Some are waiting for their bus departure. Some are patiently waiting for their family/friends  that are gone for the actual trip. We thought we could get into a bus right away like what they been before. Things were different now. Maybe because of outnumber of people stand by for their turn.

Jasper National Park waiting area

Jasper National Park waiting area


We used our resting period to eat our potluck lunch and enjoy the mountain as our backdrop. The wind was so chilly that even some of us wear jacket they still felt the coldness. They keep on asking me if I’m okay as they knew I’m a newbie to that kind of weather. Thanks God I brought my shawl to use especially on this sudden drop of temperature.


Good to eat lunch while looking on this beautiful mountain

Good to eat lunch while looking on this beautiful mountain.

The weather forecast was supposed to be sunny but it is partly cloudy when we arrived. Thanks to Heaven fro not raining at all.

The weather forecast was supposed to be sunny but it is partly cloudy when we arrived. Thanks to Heaven for not raining at all.


I saw the Athabasca Glacier from where we stand..can't wait to see it upclose.

I saw the Athabasca Glacier from where we stand..can’t wait to see it upclose.

After a couple of hours, the staff assisted us to our bus going to Columbia Icefield. I was surprised to see that our bus driver is a lady. Wow, she got all the skills of a man to drive a big bus load of people. Kudos to her.

This is our way to Columbia Ice Field

The road to Columbia Ice Field

I thought the lady driver will take us directly to glacier but it seems that her shift is limited to Discovery Center to waiting area 2 where another bus is waiting for us.

A snow coach especially designed for ice exploration.

A snow coach especially designed for ice exploration.

As we hop on this massive bus, another experienced driver is so excited to show us the beauty of Columbia Ice Field. He’s a good driver and a tour guide in one. The movement of bus is somehow slow but we never get bored because of much information shared by our driver and the snow-capped mountain that surrounds us.

Oh that bus..looks so small but the truth is we're just on higher ground to see it that way. We'll also pass the same route.

Oh that bus..looks so small but the truth is we’re just on higher ground to see it that way. We’ll also pass the same route.

It's so gorgeous to see an ice formation on top of a mountain.

It’s so gorgeous to see an ice formation on top of a mountain.

Finally, we saw the actual glacier.

Finally, we saw the actual glacier.

So sad we got only 15 minutes to experience the glacier. Taking photos with our group, doing selfie and trying to walk in a freezing snow is already time consuming. I think this is the only downside of this trip. I hope in the future they will be more considerate as some visitors are first timers and they want extra minutes to really savor the moment.

The cold never bothered us anyway...

The cold never bothered us anyway…

Though we feel a bit of ‘bitin‘ in this Columbia Ice Field, we tried to understand that we have another activity in line. We hurried back to bus and enjoy our next adventure.

My quote for that day: palakasan ng loob sa pagtapak sa salamin..Huwaw!!!!!

My quote for that day: palakasan ng loob sa pagtapak sa salamin..Huwaw!!!!!

After our much-awaited glacier walk, its time to conquer our fear on glacier skywalk. No need to explain why they used the word ‘sky’. The photo above shows what it means to hang out  above the mountain.

Our starting point: cliff-edged walkway where they offer a free hand-held audio guide so that we can hear the complete history while doing the skywalk.

Our starting point: cliff-edged walkway where they offer a free hand-held audio guide so that we can hear the complete history while doing the skywalk.

maybe the snow in this moutain is all-year round. Amazing!

maybe the snow in this mountain is all-year round. Amazing!

The finale, of course, is a glass-floor platform that is nerve-wracking to some but pleasure for others.

Discovery Vista - a 35m observation deck from the edge of the cliff that hovers 280m above valley.

Discovery Vista – a 35m observation deck from the edge of the cliff that hovers 280m above valley.

If you will ask me how I feel standing on a glass-floor with ‘bangin‘ at the bottom, I’m not afraid at all and never had dizziness in any instances. I know the skywalk is safe for everyone. It passes with safety standard so I’m pretty sure you’ll finish the trail worry-free.

The small girl who is not afraid of height. Minsan lang ito eh!

The small girl who is not afraid of height. Minsan lang ito eh!

The glacier skywalk gives me the opportunity to stand in the cliff of the mountain where I can stare at the glacier above and a great view of ecosystem when I look down.

Artful creation from Heaven

Artful creation from Heaven

Part of Sunwapta Valley

Part of Sunwapta Valley

When in Skywalk, walk, stand, sit and do wahtever you like. I don't know when I will see it again so better to take a picture that will serve as my lifetime memoirs.

When in Skywalk, walk, stand, sit and do whatever you like. I don’t know when I will see it again so better to take a picture that will serve as my lifetime memoirs.

When I first look at the photos of Columbia Ice Field and Glacier Skywalk on the internet, I was ecstatic to come over to Canada immediately. An elevated excitement sticks on me on my actual visit. Both places left me with a breathtaking view, something I will miss when I’m back to Middle East.


After our walking tour in Prince’s Island Park, we spent the rest of afternoon in Downtown. This is a busy place especially during weekdays as most offices and establishment are located here. Most of the people in different communities are heading here everyday either to work, to shop or simply to pass by.

Train Station

Train Station





It was lunch when we reach The Core Shopping Center or most popular known as TD Square- a shopping mall at the heart of Downtown, Calgary.


We both knew that we came from a country where all malls are built with touch of extravagant interior so she teased me not to compare what I will see in Canada. Well, it doesn’t matter at all because in my opinion, they are all equal and what’s important is the list of store you can shop inside.

Inside TD Square...maganda naman ah!

Inside TD Square…maganda naman ah!

I’m not sure if the roof is fiberglass (or what is the correct description) but I really enjoy walking inside because I can see the  ray of sunshine with matching blue sky and white clouds. Maybe, it’s equally beautiful in winter when the snow is formed in the roof.

There’s a lot of food chain to choose from but I prefer to eat Pad Thai from Thai Express. The kids were happy eating KFC meal.


And gelato as dessert…


TD Square is not only a shopping destination but they have a space for relaxation. If you want to take rest after shopping or before you’ll do your next routine, then a visit to Devonian Gardens is a place to go.  dv


Admit it or not, we normally saw plants and flowers as a display in some stores but here in TD Square, they used it to promote wellness, touristy place and helps everyone to take a closer look at the nature within the city.




Devonian Gardens is an indoor public park with different varieties of grown plants, flowers and trees. Since the garden is situated inside the mall, there’s available free wifi for everybody. My two nephew were busy with their gadget, my niece is enjoying her playtime while my cousin and I are chatting.



I walk around and check the other area. My eyes were fix on the greenery wall, Koi pond and fountain which I find very relaxing.





Around 3:30pm when we left TD Square and Devonian Gardens. There’s a lot of interesting sculpture scattered in Downtown. We even step inside the Hotel while waiting for my cousin’s husband.



According to my cousin, our Downtown tour is not complete if we will not visit the Stephen Avenue Walk. It is an outdoor pedestrian walkway where you can find high end retail stores, plenty of eateries, cafes, historic building, short-term vendor with their seasonal/unique products, artists performing in the street and lots more.


This is how we spent our half day in Downtown. There’s more things to do, more site to visit, more restaurant to try and more live events to attend. I hope I can write it on my future post.


2011. A year when our cousin and her family migrated to Canada for good. As we dropped them to the airport and saw walking away from us, we couldn’t help but to embrace the reality that we need to be independent now, to accept that our life in Dubai must go on without their guidance anymore, to think that it is just a temporary goodbye and someday we’ll see each other again. I can’t explain where I get the nerves to imagine the same scenario with her family, not to say goodbye but to welcome me in Canada airport.…this is the starting point of unleashing the dreamer in me.

throwback...2011 (Dubai Airport)

throwback…2011 (Dubai Airport with my extended family)

2015-July is my target goal. A year before that, I faced the biggest challenge in my life leaving me with no choice but to set aside my personal dream temporarily. I’m still fine even if I didn’t make it the way I plan.

Fast forward to 2016, I pick up my dream again. I started to plan, ask, research and apply for visitor’s visa. Prayers work. Easter Sunday this year when I received my passport with a visa stamped on it. Thank you, Lord!

The scenes I visualized way back in 2011 happen exactly  last June 30. Again, they were in the airport to pick me up. It’s nice to see them after so many years. We created happy memories again but this time in their place in Canada.


                                         Yehey….reunited… (Canada Airport)


Thank you!

                                                                  Thank you!


They were excited to roam me around. Our first stop: Prince’s Island Park. They don’t know that I appreciate the nature more than any gorgeous building or malls so being in the park early in the morning is such a heavenly gift. I keep on saying “wow” to my cousin. She’s just laughing at me and said that the place, though it’s relaxing, might be ordinary if I will see the other tourist’s destination in Canada. Okay, let’s see those place in my next posts but for now walk with me as we start our stroll to Prince’s Island Park.



Prince’s Island Park is an urban park located in north of Downtown Calgary. It is actually an island on the Bow River where many major festivals was held every year.






The Park occupy 20 hectares land. So big enough to accommodate lot of visitors. There’s a lot of things you can do inside the park like:

Picnic under the green trees.


Walking/running/biking in the pathways.


Reading/ chit chatting while sitting in the wooden bench.



Enjoying the Pond.


Relaxing on wide green spaces.


Best view of Office Hub inside the park.


Finding Squirrel.


Simply do nothing and just enjoy the surrounding.



Prince’s Island Park is connected to different footbridge making it easy for park lovers to visit anytime of the day. We walked to Peace Bridge on our way back to Downtown. This is one of the famous pedestrian bridge according to my cousin.



The park is open daily and no admission fee. If you really love nature tripping then Prince’s Island Park is offering you the best place to relax within the city center.




“What is your guilty pleasure? I mean something you are willing to spend your money on without feeling guilty?”

That is the question asked by my officemate when we’re both heading home one evening. I’m always sleeping in the car (especially if its traffic) but that simple question awakes me and lead both of us  for engaging conversation. With a big smile on my face, I look at her and said, “Travel“. She thought my answer will be bags, clothes, gadget like what fascinates to other women she knew but hearing such word from me comes a bit surprise. For a girl who only visited Philippines and Singapore then how come my respond revolves on traveling? Well, at that time, I can’t consider it as guilty pleasure because I’m not spending my hard earned money on it. My expenditures on both countries is within my limited budget. No huge amount that I might felt guilty afterwards.

I don’t care if some establishment’s has 50% on sale. It will definitely take time before someone convinces me to buy something unless price reduction came from travel airlines. Surely, I’m in a hurry to check it anytime whether it falls on my leave application or not. Thinking of going to some places makes me happy and motivated. However, when the question asked last year, I’m  not actually into it. I know I want to travel but lack of action remain on my side. Hopefully someday.

After a series of discussion, I heard her said, ” What are you waiting for?”, from which I replied, ” right timing“. Yes, traveling is something I’m ready to pay at any cost but some priorities still on top of my list. I remember I gave her my reason why I’m not pursuing my guilty pleasure: 1. Management decision to approve my leave as per my requested date 2. Money 3. Travel companion as I’m not confident enough to do it solo.

Who would have thought that in a span of 1 year after such conversation, my guilty pleasure comes to life? My 3 reasons are not a question anymore because the “right timing” suddenly steps in. I look at 2016 as my guilty pleasure year. Who am I to say no when this is what I really wanted to do long time ago. Finally, my wishful thinking of traveling reveal a new chapter.

No more someday. The reason why I”m not active in blogging is because I’m working and in between those days I got the opportunity to discover Georgia last February, Canada in July to mid-August and Oman last month.

I am beyond thankful that I dream about it, I plan and now I can say…I did!



Dear Blog,

I would like to apologize for not giving you spare time. Did I forgot you? Of course, NOT! You will always be part of me. So, you might asking me now what happen these past few months? It was month of May when I visit you and after that nothing follows. I was supposed to be committed to you but I failed. Sorry.

Don’t be sad If I didn’t update you or should I say our conversation become less this year. Not because I don’t have anything to share. There’s more actually and I am hoping I could give what you deserve.

If only you knew my willingness to share everything that happens to me right away but my to-do-list keeps on knocking in front of me. Who am I to say no to these opportunities if it was all for my personal fulfillment. Those days that you think I’m missing in action is the moment I used to achieve some of my dreams. Believe me, my blessings this year is undeniably pouring left and right. Big thanks to God!

Don’t worry I’m back on my regular programming. I just came from my recent travel and here I am ready to share what makes me busy during those ‘silent’ months.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely yours,



When holiday marks on our calendar it gave us an opportunity to visit other places other than Dubai. Afternoon of May 5, my DXB family explore Al Ain Zoo as our way of showing to our niece some real animals. It was our 2nd time already. I remember, our niece is still a baby when we chanced upon this place and now she’s a schoolgirl who can identify animals with 2 feet, can fly, lived in the water, etc. Our trip to Zoo is a great time to introduce her to other animals that she rarely heard or seen on tv. As for us, adults, we appreciate it more than what we experience before.

Our welcome banner!!!!!

                                                        Our welcome banner!!!!!

Here are the list of big improvement and changes why visiting Al Ain Zoo is must-try for every family:


This is the main reason or the top priority why we visit Al Ain Zoo. We can clearly see the animals from the clear glass/wire mesh surrounding them.







All guest can have a close encounter to animals and more level up adventure or educational tour if they will avail this package for AED 230 (group truck). There’s a different timing for both tour so you better book it in advance. Due to time constraint as we step in the zoo almost 5:30pm, we only take the zoo access and maximize our stay before we head back to Dubai.


Al Ain Zoo has various exhibit that visitors can enjoy while touring the zoo. Gladly we saw some part of it.

world desert


Since it is an official holiday when we went there, we already expect the number of people who pays a visit. Good thing to know that more expansive walkways and tarpaulins are good way of accommodating volume of visitors.



Walking for some hours is so tiring sometimes. If you still want to enjoy the zoo without getting pain in your foot then avail the free train ride.



Still tired? Take a sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding.



I love to see green plants/trees on all my trip especially here in UAE. Kudos to Al Ain Zoo team for pursuing their effort of planting trees/grass amidst desert land.



Praying is part of UAE’s local/expat resident. Muslim visitors are definitely welcome here.



Oh well for those who wanted to take home animals (sorry children, real animals is not allowed) then head to this store to purchase one.




If you feel hungry, don’t worry as Zarafa Café is within your vicinity.

zarafa cafe


11. PARK

If you want to relax for a while after series of walk then sitting under the shade of tree is something you can do inside the Al Ain Zoo.


There are other areas that we didn’t see on this trip due to limited time but still, I can say that all improvement and changes done over the past years are for the benefit of all guests. As they said, Al Ain Zoo is getting bigger and better.

Zoo Access ticket: AED 30 (Adult) AED 10 (child)


Another reason to be thankful today….my officemates and I celebrate the National Breakfast Day at Mc Donald’s. Yehey!!!!! Thank you McDo for giving us free Egg McMuffin.


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