When holiday marks on our calendar it gave us an opportunity to visit other places other than Dubai. Afternoon of May 5, my DXB family explore Al Ain Zoo as our way of showing to our niece some real animals. It was our 2nd time already. I remember, our niece is still a baby when we chanced upon this place and now she’s a schoolgirl who can identify animals with 2 feet, can fly, lived in the water, etc. Our trip to Zoo is a great time to introduce her to other animals that she rarely heard or seen on tv. As for us, adults, we appreciate it more than what we experience before.

Our welcome banner!!!!!

                                                        Our welcome banner!!!!!

Here are the list of big improvement and changes why visiting Al Ain Zoo is must-try for every family:


This is the main reason or the top priority why we visit Al Ain Zoo. We can clearly see the animals from the clear glass/wire mesh surrounding them.







All guest can have a close encounter to animals and more level up adventure or educational tour if they will avail this package for AED 230 (group truck). There’s a different timing for both tour so you better book it in advance. Due to time constraint as we step in the zoo almost 5:30pm, we only take the zoo access and maximize our stay before we head back to Dubai.


Al Ain Zoo has various exhibit that visitors can enjoy while touring the zoo. Gladly we saw some part of it.

world desert


Since it is an official holiday when we went there, we already expect the number of people who pays a visit. Good thing to know that more expansive walkways and tarpaulins are good way of accommodating volume of visitors.



Walking for some hours is so tiring sometimes. If you still want to enjoy the zoo without getting pain in your foot then avail the free train ride.



Still tired? Take a sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding.



I love to see green plants/trees on all my trip especially here in UAE. Kudos to Al Ain Zoo team for pursuing their effort of planting trees/grass amidst desert land.



Praying is part of UAE’s local/expat resident. Muslim visitors are definitely welcome here.



Oh well for those who wanted to take home animals (sorry children, real animals is not allowed) then head to this store to purchase one.




If you feel hungry, don’t worry as Zarafa Café is within your vicinity.

zarafa cafe


11. PARK

If you want to relax for a while after series of walk then sitting under the shade of tree is something you can do inside the Al Ain Zoo.


There are other areas that we didn’t see on this trip due to limited time but still, I can say that all improvement and changes done over the past years are for the benefit of all guests. As they said, Al Ain Zoo is getting bigger and better.

Zoo Access ticket: AED 30 (Adult) AED 10 (child)


Another reason to be thankful today….my officemates and I celebrate the National Breakfast Day at Mc Donald’s. Yehey!!!!! Thank you McDo for giving us free Egg McMuffin.



If you’re in a budget and wish to travel the world then Global Village is the right place for you. For only Aed15 you will be delighted to see the partial beauty of each country as well as the product they represent. By a simple walk, you can hop from one country to another without much expenses involve.

Global Village is an outdoor park operated only during cold months started last November till April 9 this year. Though it is an annual celebration, you can witness some changes every year. Good thing we never let it pass without spending 1 weekend on this must-visit tourist destination.


We were there as early as the opening hours which is 4pm. We always prefer to see its basking beauty while sun is up till it was blanket with glamorous light at night. See, people lining up in the ticketing area as early as possible  because they know more and more visitor will surely come after.

Right after we enter the huge gate, our eyes are rolling to the beautiful façade surrounding us. Be ready with your camera as every spot is really a good keepsake. Here are 9 things you can do in Global Village:

  1. Traveling

No need for visa and ticket, just come here and you’ll see each country in a couple of hours.


2. Shopping

Every country has something to offer. From wardrobe, food, small items and even product which they are proud of.


3.  Take a rest there’s a bench

Taking rest is a must in every journey. Good to see a few number of wooden bench in the area. I can sit while enjoying the moment. Some are lying on the grass and nobody will ask you why.


4. Eating

Walking non stop will somehow get you tired. So for recharging your energy, indulge yourself into numerous food outlet. Some kiosks are scattered within the vicinity but if you want a truly dining experience then proceed in a respective area where you can choose from different restaurant.


5.  Watch shows

There’s a big stage in the central area where you can watch different performers for free. Most of the events/raffle announcements were done here. If you want to be  more specific to see the best artist coming from each country then step inside to each pavilion as they also provide great entertainment  every night.


6. Dancing fountain

I’m not sure if it 6pm or 6:30pm (start) but you will definitely feel relax watching the fountain. The water will dance accordingly when the music start to play on. That time it was Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” playing in the background.


7. Parade

A special procession of artists representing each country is also a show-stopper. Joint them as they roam the street.


8. Fireworks display

Waiting for special occasion to watch fireworks? No need. You can see the marvellous display at Global Village upon closing time.


9. Games and rides

One area in Global Village is dedicated to those visitor who are games and rides fanatic. You can try your luck in playing some games and if it’s your advantage then a big stuff toys awaits as your prize or try any of available rides which suited to your competence.


So before Global Village close its 20th season by April, please pay a visit and allow yourself to also experience what I mentioned above.





Exactly one week ago when Dubai and other emirates experience too much rain that caused work stoppage, early pack up, school closed and a bit stress for all residents. The incident headlines all news and became ‘talk of the town’ for the past few days. There is only 2 seasons here in UAE- summer and winter (not so cold) so rain is something we really don’t expect at all. Last March 9, like any normal day, I was in the office doing my routine. It’s past 8am but in my window it looks like sunset already as darkness engulfed the surrounding. Some part of UAE is raining already but on that day only it was forecast in Dubai. Okay, so we know it will rain but we didn’t expect the aftermath of it.

I know how challenging to be in that kind of situation. Lots of people were surprised and at the same time, worried of what will happen next. It rained continuously. We saw it. We experience it. We are also affected. We see a lot of negativity but that chaos help us to see the positive side of being trapped in that unexpected circumstance.

SCENE: Raining hard outside.
SEEN : Dirty glass windows have an automatic cleanup and trees were watered instantly.

SCENE: Computer/internet/telephone shutdown.
SEEN : I have time to file my papers properly.

SCENE: No service car.
SEEN : Our boss share his big car to us.

SCENE: Traffic start to build up and my officemate were still in Gasoline station. We need to pick her up.
SEEN : She manages to cross the street and be with us before rain pour non-stop.

SCENE: Too much flood in the roundabout.
SEEN : Our car passed it with flying colors.

SCENE: Another flooded area where we saw a stranded BMW car.
SEEN : A cue not to proceed, park the car somewhere and wait for the water to dwindle.

SCENE: My officemates and I want to ‘pee’ and we’re in front of other company.
SEEN : Thankful to the guard for allowing us to used their toilet.

SCENE: Around 4 to 5 cars park where we are and undecided if they will go or not.
SEEN : It’s an opportunity to chit chat with them while waiting.

SCENE: After passing time and flood half-subside, we’re ready to go. Only to find out, our car didn’t make it and we’re stuck in the middle.
SEEN : Our boss braved the water to know how deep it was and back to car calmly then try to call for help.

SCENE: We need to take the car out of the water at least. 1 boy + 4 girls. Who will push it by the way?
SEEN : 3 workers who walk in the area saw us and help to push our car.

SCENE: Car is out of danger but it’s not working.
SEEN : 1 of the 3 guys who help us instruct our boss of what has to be done. He listens attentively and after few minutes, he’s ready to drive again.

SCENE: Running out of fuel and there’s traffic ahead.
SEEN : We found an alternate route leading to nearest Gas station.

SCENE: Stranded for more than 4hrs and we’re hungry.
SEEN : There’s fast food chain in Gas station where we ate our super late lunch.

SCENE: Another congested traffic before reaching the national highway.
SEEN : Our tummy and gas is full.

SCENE: News that some station (Metro) need to close due to rain.
SEEN : We’re on the car most of the time and when we finally reach the metro station, it’s fully operational.

Imagine, we leave around 11:30am trying to get home early last Wednesday but with those unanticipated scenes above that comes along our way, we reach home almost 6pm. It’s not easy to face that challenges. Due to sudden turn of events, we might end up exhausted, frustrated and even hopeless but that never happen. Yes, we are disturbed but we eventually SURVIVED. We’ll charge it to experience. It’s a looooong day but what matter is we came home safe and sound. Still, there’s blessings in the rain.



                                                 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!


One of the most visited tourist destination here in Dubai especially during cold season is Dubai Miracle Garden. It attracts a lot of locals, expats and even foreign visitors who wish to see a place totally different from what we heard about UAE. Dubai in particular is always define as a busy city due to its number of business district, evidenced with high rise building and shopping haven to some. Yes, there are area where you can see a spot of nature but most of the time our eyes are fix with those things that reminds how Dubai had maintain its progressiveness over the years.

Aside from ongoing infrastructure left and right, it was a bright idea to continue its legacy of showing that Dubai has a place where they can cultivate plants and flowers which is surprising to non-residents and highly appreciated by us who wanted a change of view. This is one of the reason why Dubai Miracle Garden becomes popular.

Come inside....

Come inside….

Forget about your office works, your shopping list, everything about city life because once you come inside you will see a different Dubai. You will definitely appreciate the greenery and colorful flowers around. Let the photos from my phone do the talking.

I heart Dubai!

One fine afternoon when we visited the Dubai Miracle Garden.  Each and every area is walk-stopping as you can’t missed not to set your phone/digicam for remembrance.

Look at these houses....

Houses with flowers….

Another one….


Wow..beautifully made!

Some of you will ask if these flowers are plastic? Well, it’s all real and carefully planted even in smallest details.


flower basket

flower basket

What makes Dubai Miracle Garden differ from the normal garden is how they create design using flowers.




Isn’t it amazing to see different varieties of flowers nestled in many shapes with topiary-style displays.






Dubai Miracle Garden runs on seasonal basis every year mostly on ber-months till the end of winter. This is actually my first time to step in as my last garden visit happens in Al Ain few years back. According to those who get a chance to visit it annually they said that design are not all the same.

Made of Lemons

Made of Lemons





A flower arrangement that entice our vision:

 Hello Eiffel Tower!

Hello Eiffel Tower!






Like what I said earlier, every corner is perfect for your background photo but I think these ladies (or they represent the mother earth???) below gets more attention.




In the middle of the garden we found this man-made lake:




We came here for an hour only but before we exit we found this big clock:

Throwback...we're here last Christmas day 2015

Throwback…we’re here last Christmas day 2015

Entrance fee :


Our visitor from Oman (sis-in-law of my cousin and her hubby) was here for a short visit and requested us to accompany them to any tourist spot so we take them to Dubai Miracle Garden.


Good thing to know that they really enjoy our outdoor trip. Thanks to them for being the reason why we pursue this plan.

How to get there via public transport:

Bus 105 from Mall of Emirates start at 2:00pm
AED 5.00 per trip







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