Journey to the center of Taal Volcano Crater

Looking at Taal Volcano from afar gives me a mixed feeling of relaxation and ‘wow-factor’. Being one of the tourist spot in Batangas, it was beautifully and uniquely formed as the volcano itself was surrounded by lake. Other people might see it from Tagaytay which is relatively higher place. Unexpected it may seems, I got a chance to see up close how magnificent the crater was.

It was a fine day when we  found ourselves heading to Tagaytay for our family bonding. Upon reaching the Picnic Groove entrance, there was a man (tour guide) who’s approaching us to visit their resort and as a complementary, we’ll have a chance to see Taal Volcano much closer. It was rare opportunities to see the crater, so we do agreed and allow him to be our tour guide. We take the zigzag road via Talisay. according to him, this is the shortest way to reach their resort. It took almost 45 minutes encounter to ala-zigzag road from Tagaytay to Talisay. We take our lunch in the resort and start our unexpected journey.

Mode of Transportation: passing Taal Lake

From the foot hills of Taal Volcano, one must take horseback riding or walking by yourself to reach the crater. The latter will capture most of our time so we decided to ride a horse and pay extra. I felt nervous.  It is not a 5-minute horseback riding nor flat road. We encounter a lot of precipitous slopes.

appearance of smoke on some area

As we go along, the surrounding become greener and all you can see from top was a vast area of blue water. Though, it was a little bit tiring, but once you reach the main crater, you’ll get amaze with its hidden beauty.

Taal Volcano Crater...

 This is the first time I set my foor on a true crater. before, I only found it on Textbooks but thanks to our unexpected adventure, it help me realize that behind the word “volcano and eruption”, inside the crater was full of story and wonderful scenery!


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