Share and Celebrate @ Gozo Garden

It’s my turn to celebrate! Yes, I embrace another year of life’s blessings. Since it was overflowing, the thought of sharing it to other voluntarily register on my mind. Thank you to my Officemate who serve as our event planner. We have one thing in common-we are food enthusiasts!

It took more than a week to finally decide where to spend our precious time. Until, I received a suggestion from my officemate that her friend already dine in to Gozo Garden. According to her, the food was superb and in alignment to allowed budget. So, why don’t we give it a try. A friday brunch at Gozo for 5 people!

Gozo Garden was located at Millennium Airport Hotel in Garhoud. The restaurant offer an international buffet with a vast selection of food. They have japanese food, pasta, soups,fruits, appetizer, dessert, in-house beverage and of course– varieties of seafood.

delicious food

I just ate light breakfast to prepare my stomach into the greatness of Gozo’s brunch offering. We’re a bit latecomer so we didn’t waste any single minute in giving the best taste to our reserve table. Each one got our own platter of food plus 3 more plates for our seafood delight! There was a live cooking station where you can choose any kind of seafood then let their Chef cook it for you. O yeah! We’re not that hungry to get 3 plates of enormous seafood in one shot!

our plate says it all...yeehao....

For dessert lovers, it will surely attract your tastebuds.

some bread were taken already by guest...

It’s not only the food that will give you satisfaction but their in-house live band that will surely captivate your ear with their modern music. We’re so lucky that time to have a double entertainment.

Hidalgo Band with Ms.Guest who show her talent.. Belly dancing!!! Nice...

I can say that our short stay at Gozo was astonishing. I enjoy the food, their live entertainment and the quality time to unwind with my Officemates.

See you again, Gozo Garden!


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