October-Fest @ Home

We received an invitation from our cousin who resides at Meadows. One full day stay at their house and exclusive access to their swimming pool. Though we also have time to hangout with them when they were with us, I mean at our house, still going to their place painted different excitement in our routine. It rooted from the fact that their place was far from where we stay and we’ve got a chance to see it only once in a while.

As planned, we bring some raw food to cook. Bring Filipino cuisine at their house. It was an advantage that they lived in a spacious Villa where we can able to cook outside. Under the scorching heat of the sun, we grilled marinated pork, eggplant and Tilapia fish.


Eggplant Enchalada

Grilled Tilapia

Aside from our ready-to-grill food, our cousin cooked chicken with Tofu and shrimp with sweet chili sauce and peas just before we arrived.


shrimp with sweet chili sauce en peas

After cooking session was done, we’re so excited to dine in. With 5 entrees and a bowl of rice, each one of us was delighted to fill our empty stomach. By using our bare hands in eating, of course Filipino way, we start to savor the authentic taste of our very own Filipino cuisine.

no more rice....

When you are full, you opt to sleep but instead of meeting the bed we found ourselves in their Living room while sharing our day-to-day stories and watching TV shows. We were suppose to swim after our hearty lunch but we prefer to do it late since sun rays were still high. Instead, we prepare our mouth-watering afternoon snack. Turon (banana rolled in a sugar wrap in a lumpia wrapper). Whatever drinks in the kitchen will definitely match with this yummy Turon. For myself, I choose mixed fruit juice orginally blended by my cousin. Other prefer coffee or soda.


Way back to the main reason why we like their place so much is our opportunity to swim on their big pool. Yey! We almost own the pool for two hours. No neighbor, no guest, only our group was there.  We filled our time with a lots of fun! So blessed to have a cousin who lived in such beautiful village. Till next time!






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