Ferrari World Experience

It’s really amazing to see a highly-paid sports car roaming in the street. Sometimes, a physical view from afar is enough to complete our satisfaction because we know that it will take more time to own such kind of luxury item. Well, Ferrari is one of the high-rated car in our generation that some of us wishing to have or dreaming that in just a couple of hour they can able to feel how it works.

This is how Ferrari World theme park situated in Yas Island Abu Dhabi inspired so many average people. From kids to adults, everyone can get a chance to see, feel and be part of Ferrari history. You don’t need much money to own it exclusively but rather a perfect timing and at affordable price, you can be able to endure the heart-stoppping experience that it offers to those Ferrari lovers.

The world’s largest indoor theme park was open in public since Oct. 2010 but only this year we got a chance to visit it. It was appealing outside as the theme park was design closer to real Ferrari with it’s well-known logo. From rooftop to main structure, it can’t deny the fact that it surely inspired by real Ferrari-stuff. We start our tour on Cascde Walk and Welcome Pavillion where the ground was beautifully landscape similar to race arena. Much more story awaited on the main lobby. On the wall, you can set your eyes on Ferrari logo where most of the tourist wants to take picture as their background. For factoid, the theme park offers 20 rides and attractions including in-house Ferrari Store where you can spoiled yourself with lots of souvenirs from small magnet to the most expensive things. They have also restaurant inside that features Italian Cuisine. A better understanding about Ferrari will surely adapt your mind when you step on mini-museum. Each and every corner there is scattered picturesque and wonderful display of Ferrari. You may even heard sound of a true racing event as you walk inside the lobby. The most exciting part of visiting Ferrari World is the audience privileges to hop on their thrilling rides.  They have Formula Rosso, where you can feel the adrenaline rush of riding the world speedy roller coaster, G-Force, V12 to name a few. All rides were resemblance of real Ferrari racing car. By the way, general admission ticket for adult was AED 225/- and kids for AED165.00.

Enjoyment in Ferrari World was not only limited  for thrill-seekers but rather extended to become a family-oriented indoor park. Both adults and kids have some preferential area where they can explore their activities. On our visit, we didn’t try any rides due to time constraint. It was late afternoon then and for sure there are more people in queue to take a  ride. It’s a mutual decision to be contented in window shopping and taking tour inside the park. After all, being there was really a great experience to keep. Maybe some other time, we will give ourselves a try on the titillating effect of their Ferrari rides.

Aerial View of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi


Ground above Cascade Walk and Welcome Pavillion


Inside Main Lobby





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