When the temperature was high all we want to do is to make our self cool. Amidst the summer season in Dubai we decided to take a break — pamper ourselves with vibrant water. My dxb family was still undecided where to go till I told them about my previous experience at Jumeirah Beach, closer to Dubai Marina. I went there last year on my birthday celebration with my colleagues. This time, I accompany my dxb family for them to see the beauty of the beach undiscover by many expats.


 Day before our beach escapade, we make ourselves busy in preparing all stuff we need to bring. We also shop for our beach apparel. We’re all excited that even our cutest baby (7 mos. old) at home was ready to wear her swim suit. Two of my cousin’s stay late in the kitchen to make sure that food is well-cook.

before sun rise


By 5:30am we’re all set forth to beach. It was 30 minutes drive to Dubai Marina. Leaving our house so early give us ample time to relax. There a few people in the site when we arrived but it doesn’t matter as we still got the best area to eat our breakfast while sitting on the white sand. We enjoy that moment when the main beach serves as the big screen and swimmers plays their vital role. It looks like we’re on the cinema.


Jumeirah Beach

mode of relaxation

J.B.R facing jumeirah beach

J.B.R. facing Jumeirah beach

After a short break, we let our body immerse in the cold water. We too along with other swimmers savor the golden time in the beach. I saw some were swimming like a champion, others enjoy floating over the water, kids gentl laved their feet along the beachfront, oldies busy on their sightseeing, few people doing jet ski while some of the beach-goers were just happy battling the waves. Swimming makes us hungry again as it burn out the calories we take in the morning but it also make a favor way to be relaxed when the warm weather takes place. As a habit, after swimming, there we goes—eating!

It was a fun-tastic short stay at Jumeirah Beach!


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