It’s a special celebration of Diwali for Indian people. For non-indian like me, the name Deepawali is itself a contraction of the word ‘Deepawali’ which translate into rows of lamp.  Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps (diyas) filled with oil to signify the triumphs of good over evil.

Since my work was surrounded by 95% of Indian, we became part of their celebration. Prior to exact date of Diwali, the management decided to order some food for all staff as well as production employees. All big boss came to celebrate with us. Smile was painted on everybody’s face. It was a vegetarian day but even non-veg like us merely enjoy the taste of indian food.

Early in the morning, I heard most of my colleagues greeting each other. They even sent email to their fellow men who’s out of country. I notice that they wearing new clothes. Maybe, its a tradition for them. Anyway, I was busy working with my usual routine when two of our production employees give away some chocolate and nuts. Wow! They’re amazing! I know in our organizational chart, its them who got least salary but they never fail to share their blessing to all office staff.  I really appreciate their simple way of sharing. For what they did, its the thought that really counts. I hope that as they celebrate this important day, they  may find more joy, good benefits of health and overflowing wealth all throughout the year.



Chocolates from our prod. employees


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