To start my week, I went to Salon for my hair rebond. I need to change my hair style now. To hide my wavy and frizz hair I always ended up with ponytail or headband whenever I go outside. It turn out that the magic effect of my hair rebond done last year was fading so fast. Some people who saw my hair says that I left my hair un-combed. haha! Actually, its perfectly done. It so happen that the transition from newly straight to my old wavy natural hair is very visible to their eyes. So, why not to have a hair make over. After all, it will give more advantages for myself being!

When I had my frizz hair I spent more minutes in the morning to blow dry and iron my hair. If times run out I usually come to work with ponytail. This become my daily routine. Now that my hair was re-born, its easily to manage. Even for 1 minute I can make myself ready for any outside trip.



 Another transformation happen at home. Christmas is fast approaching! Since it was my off, I helped them to decorate our old christmas tree. For sure, everytime we come home it will remind us that Christmas is just around the corner. Though for now, gifts are still missing under the tree but I believe that each one of us prepare for our annual gift sharing.   



 For my weekend, transformation is a big yes! It gives more meaning and additional beauty in and out.


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