Almost ten O’clock in the morning when we leave Dubai for our Al Ain tour. One of the best destination here is Jebel Hafeet. The mountains elevates 1249 mtrs and situated between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. You should have 4×4 car (as advise by frequent visitors) to conquer the challenging way to the mountain top. The road  seems like a snake with alloted area to park your car for best viewing of the place at the highest peak.

on the way to the top


view from the top

 Side by side, we saw the formation of rocks that bring the most scenic view of the mountain.


parking area at the middle of the mountain

 Jebel Hafeet is not only good for day tour but would you believe that there is one hotel solely stand amidst rocky surroundings that offers some tourist to stay for one or more nights in the mountain.


Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet

 After our short snap at the hotel, we were eager to see more exciting views on the mountain top. Surprisingly, the place were under renovation as hollow blocks and bricks were scattered along the area. Though it was unfinished, they still give some area where tourist can stop for a while do some photo shoot, eat their meals and seen the breathtaking view of the city.

On our way down, we stop to another corner of the mountain where I mostly appreciate the best view of Al Ain.


We're on the top!

 I don’t know which part of Al Ain comprise our background but one thing for sure, it was the best view that I’ve seen at the peak. Our effort to drive all the way to the top were save by these beautiful scenery. And for positive note, the main mountaintop which is under construction for now, aim to develop more attraction for tourist in the future. 

 If you want to see the mountainous side of UAE, don’t forget to enlist Jebel Hafeet as part of your local itinerary.




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