Merry Christmas!!!!!

Christmas is one of the most high-rated season that each one never forget to celebrate. Most people were outside doing their festive chores. Would you believe I am also one of them who spend some time in the mall just to buy gifts. Since friday my feet never get tired of walking to find suitable gift for my dear dubai family. This year I also experience how to buy gifts alone, sat on the empty chair at Foodcourt to wrap my gifts ( I can’t do wrapping at home because they might see what I bought for them) and went home as if nothing happen. 


Then yesterday, I attend our company christmas party. In fairness, food was great. More varities to choose. Even us, five ladies, enjoy the sumptous lunch. We prepare some games for our production workers. I think it was one of the most relaxing moment that our company gives to them. Our suppliers was so generous for sharing their blessings to us. Workers was excited to join on each games and raffles because they know a lot of gifts to be drawn.

blessings from our suppliers....thank you!

 There is a big difference in christmas celebration here. While some of the company were closed today, for us it was a normal day in the office. Oh yes, I need to work on Christmas day! Still, I enjoy the season by calling my family back home and sending sms to my cousins and friends. Around three thirty in the afternoon when my boss allow us to come home early—to be with our dubai family. When I came home, I was surprised to see our cousin whom we didn’t see for almost a decade. It’s so funny how Dubai give way  for us to meet again. Aside from stories, we also share our gifts to each member. From my previous blog, I attach a picture of our Christmas tree but the bottom was left empty. Today it was grace-filled with gifts. Yehey!

too much gift for everyone..

 But before christmas 2011 become a history, don’t forget that this season was special not only for gift giving but most importantly, it remind us that Jesus born and died for all of us. It was a time of sharing, forgiving and loving one another.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!


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