HAPPY 2012

Year 2011 was a wonderful year for me. I accomplished a lot of things—from my personal goals, career progress, up to the simplest way of enjoying my day-to-day activities. I learnt a lot of lessons too that I hope I can apply in 365 days of 2012. Another new start, new beginning, new opportunities, new challenges, new accomplishments and most especially—-NEW ME! From better to being the BEST!

I was thinking of what to write to start my 2012 stories. Till, I come out with 12 questions I just read while browsing the net this afternoon. Let’s admit, if theres some question, whether some person ask us to answer or just personally pop in our eyes, we tend to give our opinion/advice in every way we can. Way back in Highschool, I remember most of my classmate own a slam book. The simple question of  ‘who is your crush or define love’ is always part of every page. We didn’t leave any question blank. Once done, we’re happy to read it over and over again. It was a long year back and maybe some of my classmate kept it as a remembrance of our highschool life.

I can say that as the year grow older, my way of thinking upgrade into maturity. To lead the path of happiness for 2012,  I will try to answer 12 interesting questions that could help readers to really understand of who am I. Here we goes:

1. I REALLY ENJOY…..(list 15 things)

  •  Travelling. It was my wildest dream to discover personally the hidden beauty of one place. Given the chance to  do it very often will absolutely paint additional happiness in my life.
  • Sharing some stories to my family while we’re eating together during dinner or sitting in our living room while watching TV.
  • Reading blog. I feel kinda happy whenever I read a new update from fellow blogger. Whether the article is full of stories or plain photos only, it serves as a good inspiration for me to write something that others will benefit also.
  • Going out with friends. A simple invitation from my friends reminds me how I am blessed to be part of their friendship chain.
  • Exchanging girly talk to my mother before I went to sleep. There’s a lot of stories to share that only a mother-daughter tandem could understand.
  • Daydreaming inside the car (morning time while heading to the office). My imagination gives me a quick response to where I want to go in the future or what I want to achieve in my life.
  • Buying ‘pasalubongs’. When my vacation comes closer, I enjoy listing of  ‘what-to-buy’ for those people I left in my home country. Of course, on top of my priority is my gift to my family.
  • Listening to music. I am a music lover. Rnb and love songs pleasantly soothes my soul. I can easily finish my household chores if I turn on my mp3.
  • Doing my office work. I celebrate my six year last november doing the same responsibilities. I can’t stay longer years if I’m not enjoying every tasks they assign to me.
  • Family reunion. Working abroad keeps me away from our family occassion or family gathering so having the opportunities to attend and meet them personally makes me joyful by heart.
  • Sales. Most of the time, shopping mall offer some sales on their product. Having such kind of advantage, I spend my money on my ‘needs and wants’ as well as for my family way back home. I can able to buy more products within a limited budget.
  • Eating. In our home country we plant and reap fresh vegies that we could easily cook any time we want. Im fond of eating ‘patani’, sitaw’ (both under the family of beans) and our very own squash/pumpkin. One of my favorite food which was limited here is jackfruit cooked in coconut milk. This is the main reason why I prefer to eat vegies over meat once I landed on my home country.
  • Writing. Blogging every details of my out-of-town trip, restaurant I have visited or simple happenings in my daily existence makes me glad. Its like a diary that I open for public reading.
  • Taking picture and posing like an amateur model. I love pictures. It reminds me of a memorable experience I had with my group or any place I discover.
  • Laughing out loud with my family and friends. Our unending stories and jokes put a big smiley in my face.

2. I AM VERY GOOD AT…. (list 15 things)

  • Listening. I can lend my ears to someone who wants to express their emotion. Without giving judgement on their statement, I assure them how my listening power prevails on a given situation.
  • Money management. In this place where standard of living is very high, my character of  ‘knows-how-to-handle’ my salary is really a great help. I learn how to enjoy my way of spending as well as saving for my future needs and wants.
  • Planning. Being a September baby, it is one attributes that I possess. I am a good planner. It could be the reason why I landed a job (previous and current) wherein planning is highly required. Even at home, I spearhead the planning session of our daily activities.
  • Writing a rhyme. Especially if I will use our own mother tongue, I can fluently make comment in rhythmic lingo on the net or reflecting my thoughts in the form of poems.
  • Filing systematically. I was surrounded with lots of documents in the office and organizing my files properly help me to trace it back easily.
  • Rendering good deeds to other. A simple act of kindness to other people can make a differences on their lives.
  • Time management. I know how to maximize my time resources to be more productive in every minute. There are best moment for concentration as well as taking leisure.
  • Sleeping inside the car ( going home from office takes time due to traffic). This is my best way to allow my brain to rest for a minutes. It help me to recharge my energy for my next activity in our house. Oftentimes, my officemates were astonish on how I can easily lull into sleep in such small space.
  • Computation. Enclosing myself in an obligation where numbers are most priority, it is a must to know the basic fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Cooking preparation. I can’t consider myself a good cook but I master the process of preparing the food before cooking. Peeling and cutting to the desired shape was one of my strength. Who knows maybe in the future I can cook a complicated recipe also.
  • Keeping secret. When my loved one share their secret, they can trust me that it was comfortably safer than ever.
  • Crying. It sounds negative to others but for me, it was another source of strength.  When I’m extremely happy, either by hearing some jokes or got surprised, tears of joy will definitely shown in my eyes. It’s also my way of releasing pain. Tears easily flows in my cheeks whenever I watch tele-novela with most dramatic scene. 
  • Re-using stuff.  Whether in the form of scratch paper in the office or personal belongings, I try to use it again to shows that another benefit could be extracted from it. . 
  • Appreciating the natural beauty of our resources. This is the main reason why I don’t forgot to bring my camera whenever I’m on a new place.
  • Saying Yes. I am a doer. When it comes to my family and friends, I always reserve a big yes to them.

3. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN….. (list 5 things)

  • Investing. Its running in my mind every now and then. How to multiply my income and saving for the best. Hopefully, I can fully understand all the process pertaining to investment.
  • Finishing our house project. There still some renovation to be done in our house and I confidently claim that budget and schedule will be on my side this year.
  • Personal development. More things to change, learn, and improve  for me to reach my star.
  • Exploring Disneyland.  Who said that disney is for kids only, it is the main subject of my daydream in the morning. hehe..
  • Meeting and loving him. To reveal who-is-he was the best gift I’m looking forward this year. For sure, those person close to me was also excited to know him.

4. I DON’T DO IT MUCH, BUT I LIKE TO…..(list 5 things)

  • Sing.(Videoke). It’s really fun to express your feelings thru singing.  I may not be a good singer but hitting the right notes in front of people is enough to enjoy the moments.
  • Excercise. Due to time constraint, it is one of the least thing I do. Hopefully, I could include it in my daily activities.
  • Read books. It will surely give additional knowledge for me.
  • Go home quarterly.hehe I’m sure all expat want the same. Happiness and joy were inseparable feelings once I see my family and friends constantly.
  • Know how to cook.  I was inspired by those cute kids who can able to cook different menu. While my capacity is limited to simple dishes, the thoughts of venturing into more challenging culinary process were always reserve in some part of my mind.  

5. WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I WANTED TO BE…. (list 3 things)

  • Teacher. I became number one fan of a teaching profession maybe because I spend most of my time inside the classroom. During that time, it is the only work that clearly visible in my mind.
  • Nurse. I remember in my elementary days while we have a monthly project of formal writing, it is one of the topic that we discussed. What we want to become in the future, I ended explaining it being a nurse someday.
  • Doctor. hehe.Even now if we ask our next generation kids, they will answer: to be a doctor.

6. IF IT WEREN’T TOO LATE, I WOULD…. (list 3 things)

  • Learn how to swim. Whoaaah….I admit I am afraid of swimming alone in a deep area of water simply because I don’t know how to save myself once I stranded on it.
  • Do a Laser Eye Surgery. I am a little nearsighted and my doctor told me undergoing to an eye surgery will help me to restore my 20/20 vision.
  • Get a Masteral Degree. Why not? If it will help me to step forward in my career.

7. IF MONEY WERE NOT AN OBJECT, I WOULD… (list 5 things)

  • Use it as Flying carpet so that I can fly to place  I never been.
  • Keep it for life.
  • Dare to ask how can I help to save it from abuse person.hehe
  • Let it live the way it goes.
  • Be more responsible in allowing it to be part of my happy life.


  • Give them a short vacation in Dubai. Many times i try to convince them to come with me so that I can show how I learn to lead my life successfully and to expose them the great attractions of dubai. 
  • Buy Washing Machine. My mother likes a simple life. For her, washing clothes manually is another seed of excercise. Still, I want to give her a good living that she never had when she was young.
  • Take them to my out of town trip so that they experience how to live temporarily away from home and allow them to meet new people.
  • Pay for Household Help. Both my parents can be consider as a senior citizen yet they wanted to do all household chores on their own.
  •  Teach them how to use computer so that we can able to meet everyday thru skype.

9. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I ADMIRE….. (list 3 names)

  • My Father. I admire his way of upbringing us to become a better person.  He didn’t finish his schooling but he gives us a good living and he didn’t stop  working till he saw us graduating from college.
  • My Mother. She knows what best for us. She, along with myFather, worked together to provide our family needs. She is a great source of our strength.
  • My Brother. He take a vocational course in a school where there is very strict rules in attendance. With his determination, he pass all the challenges and landed a regular job.


  • Bianca G. She had a big heart to small people.
  • Bo. S. His article moves me spiritually.
  • Jane M. At a very young age, she used to accomplished a lot of things.

11. THE WORLD IS IN NEED OF MORE…. (list 5 things)

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Good people.

12. I THINK GOD WANTS ME TO BE….(list 2 things)

  • Good daughter to Him. In this way, He can abudantly share all His store plans for me.
  • Successful in every area of my life.

Answering these question reminds me of how I start my humble beginning and how to be a better person starting today. Let me design my 2012 with all positive energy. Yes, I claim it. Cheers for successful and happy 2012!!!!!






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