I remember last October, together with my DXB family, I headed to Atlantis The Palm for a very short visit. I called it short because it was past 10pm and we just went there to see how it look like. We are just standing outside, keeping our eyes on look at the stunning design of the hotel. The night were dim but the light coming from each room create a beautiful picturesque that is indelible in our memory. Only visitors with prior booking are allowed to get inside. For us, being onlookers, we’re contented to feed our mind with a view from outside. On the way to our house, I throw a joke that make them laugh. I told them: “I SHALL RETURN”, referring to the place we have been. They draw a lot of doubt and answer me: you’ll return on year 2015.

Haha…I don’t need to wait till 2015. Would you believe that my word come into reality. Yes, I return to the same place but not just a bystander but a visitor who got a reservation inside. I was given a golden opportunity to see the hotel’s main interior thru the help of my Officemate. She celebrate her birthday there.

Come, let’s see the wow-factor of Atlantis the Palm.

Welcome to….

From the word ‘Atlantis’, which is concatenate with water, Atlantis The Palm is primarily built facing waterfront of Palm Jumeirah. The hotel develop a notable aquatic theme that each visitors will surely enjoy their maximum stay. The Hotel accommodates more than 1ooo rooms, home of culinary expert with 17 restaurants, hosting a 17 hectares water amusement park and many other things to explore.

The main entrance of the hotel with a widen door pleasurely invite us to come inside.

Atlantis The Palm Main Entrance

Just before we set foot inside, an eye-opening design hook our attention. Imagine, how Atlantis symbolizes the element of water as part of their motif. Even on this small area, a few step to the main door, they set up a water inspired view.

a vista before the main entrance

The framework of hotel outside is really amazing, but when I get inside…oh..lala….another masterpiece of an architectural design—The Royal Towers.

Atlantis The Palm Main Lobby

And look at the ceiling…..a result of creative mind.

An art of Atlantis

Atlantis The Palm is not only a good source of relaxation but a residence of some top designer shop. The Avenues, is a quarter in the hotel that gives a  chance to their visitor to do some splurge.

Our group @ The Avenues

Right after the Lobby, Platos’ Walk, is another abode for shoppers. Considering it’s astounding design that will captivate each passerby to explore more inside.

Plato's Walk

Just before the super big aquarium, on our way down, another enticing interior caught my eyes. The decoration on the wall is like a portrait of a family—sea shells. The same goes with each towers wherein cute shells was strongly glued in linear position.

One of the most visited area in Atlantis The Palm is Ambassador Lagoon. Just imagine how many small aquarium were add together to make this super duper big aquatic domicile. I can’t guess how many liters of water or the exact numbers of marine life were found within. The spectacular view from top to bottom provides a window for each visitor to experience the extravagant scenario of Ambassador Lagoon.

Ambassador Lagoon

Look at the different kind of fish freely move inside…..

up close.....

Got lost….???? a big no..no… Just a simple pose on this fascinating quarter… The Lost Chambers! Seeing the tunnels of each chamber will give you a mere understanding about the life in an underwater world.

Glimpse of The Lost Chambers

Most talked water theme park in Dubai is no other than Aquaventure which is connected to Atlantis the palm. Without mentioning any season, visitors or stay in guest can experience the excitement and fun-filled on this 17 hectares attraction. Guests will have access to private beach and to Ziggurat- the platform of all rides that mainly features 7 water slides. For now, I enjoy the stunning view of aquaventure. Maybe on my next visit (????), I’ll experience the most electrifying action in Atlantis. 


Atlantis The Palm, is indeed, one of a kind tourist attraction in Dubai. Being there gives me a chance to learn something new, discover ingenious design, time to unwind and explore Dubai in a different view.


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