We got a chance to visit Atlantis The Palm when my officemate celebrate her birthday at Kaleidoscope. It is one of renonwed restaurants there that offer a variety of worldwide cuisine. Having a good location just beside the Ambassador Lagoon, a multifarious menu to choose from, a classy ambience and very accomodating staff, it’s no wonder why the place was crowded with lot of visitors especially during weekends.

Being an early bird and taking the advantage of buffet style, we comfortably sit inside past 12pm. Right after we found an area where we can totally enjoy our lunch, a staff approaches us about our drink which is not included in our reservation. After a very short conversation, we embark to food exploration.

Kaleidoscope has a lot of promising internatinally-acclaimed menu that will surely satisfy our empty stomach. I believe they keep very good chefs to maintain a high-rated standard when it comes to food quality. As expected, different food station were purposely set to give each visitors a freedom to choose between Mediterranean, Arabic, Asian, Italian and other globally-inspired cuisines.

On my camera, it looks so small but at the back of this station launch a number of dishes suitable to your taste.

A triangle style station at the middle of Kaleidoscope.

On this quarter, we found a different kind of pasta cook in distinct style of italian theme cuisine. Various toppings of pizza were also available. The mass favorite Hawaiian, chicken barbeque, pepperoni or simply a flavors good for vegetarian is readily display on this corner. A bunch of crispy coated calamari, which I think one of the fast-moving pieces on this station, create an appealing sensation in our taste buds.

Big slice of Steak…an eye-fetching dish that invite us to taste it. There’s some sauces on the side that can be poured on the steak. Just ask the staff to cut small portion enough for each plate. Steam vegetables will help to complete your meal in one round.

In every restaurant we dine in, seafood catch our attention. We can’t call ourselves as seafood enthusiats but since it is rare in our household to have it all (in one time), seeing a various display of shrimp, mussels and crab craves us to come back again and again on this station. I can’t remember how many times our birthday girl gets a peice of crab and meticulously enjoy each and every part. The crab was a bit spicy reminding us of Thai cuisine.

A simple message: read before you take….

If you want to take a break in between your meal, a fresh fruit is a perfect match fo you.

Kaleidoscope is a family-friendly restaurant. They emphasize the importance of kids by providing a colorful choice of candies.Yey!

I admire their generosity when it comes to dessert. Assorted color, shape and taste is truly attracting not only on the eyes but stomach as well.

Whats more appealing to see a fountain of chocolate where you can dip marshmallow there.

So Yummmmy.....

Though more choices were on display, we just get enough servings good to our capacity.

At Kaleidoscope, we enjoy the unlimited food at unlimited time. This is the advantage of eat-all-you-can buffet style. As long as your stomach is not yet full, you can get more and more of your favorite dishes. They are not very specific to which station you should come first. You have the freedom to choose.

By having Kaleidoscope in town, you don’t need to travel in different countries just to try their best gourmet.  Within Dubai, you can able to experience all of these in just one stop. All you have to do is to go directly to Atlantis The Palm, then booked at Kaleidoscope.


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