Jaunt at Palm Jumeirah Monorail

There’s a lot of things to enjoy while you were maximizing your stay at Atlantis The Palm.

One of this is taking a short trip via monorail overlooking a man-made island, Palm Jumeirah. The monorail began its operation last april 2009. Till now it bring forth more tourist to have an accesible aerial view of fronds and other enticing area of Dubai. To begin our brief tour we bought ticket (AED 25.00 per card) at the Atlantis Aquaventure Station-First Floor. Then we proceed to the main platform (2nd floor) where the monorail train will start. It run every 3 minutes during peak hours.

While waiting for the train to arrive, a breathtaking view of Aquaventure hooked our eyes. It’s really awesome how this water theme park accomodate more visitor and gives a total enjoyment on their stay.

Atlantis Aquaventure

The greenery side of Atlantis The Palm Hotel with anticipating view of  Burj Al Arab.

The monorail comprises 4 station. Two of them were still closed due to unfinish construction.

Palm Mall station which is not operational for now will be a ‘next-big-place’ to look forward in the future. From its structure, the station is directly connected to Palm Mall.  The perspective design of mall is printed on each card (ticket) to give some tourist a glimpse of how it looks like once done.

The actual design .....wow!

Though only 2 station is open for public, once you sit inside the train, it will bring you to a magnificent view of places nearby hotel.

Multi-storey buildings at Palm Jumeirah

Look how water compose the fronds of the island……

breakwater at the fronds

More built villas in Jumeirah.

Another superb view was the back side of Dubai Marina facing the Jumeirah beach.

lofty building At Dubai Marina

Along the way, we saw this……..

hot air balloon arising from the breakwater

Wanna see the azure water of Arabian Gulf…….

on the way to aquaventure station

Heading yourself to Palm Jumeirah monorail gives you a chance to see the impressive view of Atlantis The Palm Hotel.


Getting up close to pinkish most visit hotel in Dubai.

Thumbs-up for a great design

Our short journey on the first monorail in the Middle East show us the hidden beauty of Dubai that can’t be seen by just driving in a car. Your aed25.oo is worthy enjoyable.


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