Last chapter of 2011, I found myself on the battlefield of a great challenge. It was too personal for me that I almost ended the conversation with overflowing tears in my eyes. My mind were boggling with a lot of questions. Why me? I never done wrong to them. Why I need to be involved? Why bad things happen to good people? These are the queries I need an immediate answer on that particular moment.

Though I was confused, I have to mask the hurt feeling I have inside. I need to pretend that everything is fine despite of unfortunate circumstances I’ve been going through. During that time, those people whom I think could understand my situations was too far away from me. I didn’t bother to call them. I thought just by being quiet will give me enough space to think but it’s not easy. I can’t stop my teary-eye. Whenever I think about the challenge, something was about to burst out. Pain. Hatred. Confusion. Tears. It leads me to nowhere but to hallow mindset. Worst of all, the feelings of solitude centralized my emotion.

I open my laptop. Music will surely help me re-direct my feelings. While listening to inspiring songs, I browse some blog website just to make myself busy and temporarily make an excuse not to think about the issues that makes me weak a while ago. Amidst the uncontrollable situation, it heads me to Bo’s blog. His published weekly article “3 Keys to Unlock the Happiness Door” gives me a definite answer on my unending question and assure me that I’m not going to face the battle alone. I am skimming quickly on the article when some words written in bold and red big letters caught my eyes. It was a bible verses that miraculously saves my day.

PSALM 55:22 Give your burdens to the Lord and He will take care of you.

A deep breath pause me from reading while my tears slowly shed on my cheeks. I couldn’t imagine how I was able to move by this short sentence. I was inspired to read the whole content of the article. I believe it was the main reason why on the middle of my adversity, I choose to browse the net, read blog, and dicover the hidden blessing on my current situation. I read continuously without skipping any single word. I can’t count how many times I wipe my tears because of the message penetrating deep within me. Each and every word in the article is so powerful as if I was talking heart to heart with Him. It’s really flattering that on my solace, on a simple paragraph, on a very short sentence, I could feel Him. I find peace. I felt His unconditional love.

The circumstances made me devastated but the article I just read shows me a different path on how to dwell positively on a big issue. After I compose myself, I was able to face the challenge without any emotional grudges. I’m relieved. Even though I cried a lot, I’m thankful it gives me an opportunity to enlighten my way of thinking towards an issue. It helps me to release all the pain and face the challenging situation head up high. The battlefield I step into might be too long journey for me but along the way I know I will receive an infinite guidance how to win the challenge. Thank you for the great article. It reminds me to remain faithful and calm despite of unfortunate happenings in my life. At the end, it teaches me a great lesson that life’s mishap, if too complicated and heavy for us to carry, then its time to surrender everything to Him.


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