Yesterday, we pursue our long time plan to have a group date.  Together with my officemates, we try one of a not-so-familiar restaurant in Dubai. Though we admit or not, some of us find it difficult to convince ourselves to reserve some seat and take wild guess of their best-selling menu if we are not fully aware of what they can offer. According to hearsay, this Chinese Restaurant provides a various dishes approved by Filipino customer. Since it was highly recommended, we decided to make it as our venue for that night.

The beanery was dimensionally undersized but I believe the first floor can accommodate 25 people. They have 2nd floor which according to my officemate is more spacious. We ordered mixed fried rice and best selling for filipino, Pata-tim and pecking duck. Since it took sometime to serve, we try their seafood soup as appetizer. Well, sad to say, there’s no such amazing taste on it.  It seems like an ordinary soup in our kitchen.

Unlike soup, Pata-tim and Pecking duck was perfect for our bellies. Pata-tim is a braised pork leg knuckles with a thick sauce. It is not a typical menu that can be cook anytime we want because boiling in a slow heat is time consuming. I often find this food as ‘pulutan’ in my home country. Their portion of Pata-tim is good for a group of people. The meat was succulent when you cut with knife as if they boiled it continuously for 1 week. It was my first time to eat a softy Pata-tim. For health concious individual this kind of dish is not for them but once in a while, its not harmful to satisfy our cravings for this rare specialty.


I got a chance to eat Crispy Duck only here in Dubai. It was originated from Beijing, China and recognized as one of the famous dishes among Chinese communities. On this chinese restaurant where we dine in, pecking roast duck, commonly known as crispy duck is one of the filipino favorites. I must say they also hooked my stomach as the dish was so perfect. The duck skin and meat is very crispy. I’m not sure if they marinated it before roasting but the authentic taste within is something like you were longing again and again. It is good combination to serve the crispy duck in  a bed of small cut lettuce. You can eat both in between.


Opposite our table are two Japanese national (haha, I assume) who savoring their food. We heard them asking the waiter to cook Kangkong. This plant was popular in our country and often uses as additional ingredients in cooking. Here, it is part of the menu. After a series of bowl, again they request for another set. Ohhhh..maybe it taste good.  These Japaneses gave us an idea to try our very own but different version of sauteed kangkong. I like its greenery and crunchiness as if it was freshly harvested in a cultivated garden. It was good compliment along with delicious Pata-tim and super crispy duck.

Thank you for the recommendation and the food itself meet our expectation. At the total value of AED 172.00 is not bad for the 4 of us. Somehow, it’s not the place that matters but the consistency of their dishes to become the most wanted food to those who take risk to discover it.


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