Aliyah @ 1

Our adorable niece Aliyah turned 1 last January 28, 2012.

Yey.....I'm 1 year old.

I remember we almost celebrate her birthday monthly. A bucket of fried chicken, small cake and either pancit or spaghetti are always available in our dining table every 28th. Reaching 1 year old is another milestone for her. Together with her family, we throw a party at Chinese Palace Restaurant to celebrate her special day.

Her proud parents makes sure to give her the best party ever.

A week before, invitation had been sent via email to chosen attendees.
To be more playful, we did some photoshoots on Aliyah’s shoes and dress she wore in her 3 hours party. Though it was mostly seen in a wedding album, why not to do the same on our niece’s birthday.
Too many places were put into consideration in choosing the right venue. Though Chinese Palace Restaurant hosted a lot of celebration in our family, so far it gives a great advantage of being accessible by all. Another interesting fact about the place is their buffet and eat-all-you-can style where guest can choose from various kind of meal at unlimited amount. Since it fall on Saturday wherein a group of people, according to staff was their big bosses, held a meeting on the other side of the premises, still they reserve same quantity of food they serve during their normal operation.
A few step from the alloted area, each guest will able to see a welcome banner……

Main table where 5 meal course was ready to filled everybody's appetite.

Most of the time when any celebration unfolds, only place, food and service was included on a package. Unless you want to pay extra then you’ll get additional stuff. Luckily, someone  refer a event specialist who can beautify the venue on a very affordable budget. Two framed portrait of Aliyah was display on both side. They also fix a banner on mini stage plus a tower of balloons. Even each table have a mini balloon tower and a quite number of  small home made plastic petal in the center. 

The venue was surrounded with pink and purple balloons to makes the place more appealing.

The party started around 7:15pm with our family, cousins, friends and officemates. Aliyah’s parent welcome each guest in a memorable  picture taking  with the birthday girl. As planned, food comes first before games and entertainment.
After a heartfelt dinner, it’s time to entertain our guest. A series of game was made for kids. Each winner received special prizes. Since the number of kids were limited, adults show their sportmanship and join with us on every games.
Birthday party is not complete without a cake to slice.  When Aliyah was born, they call her ‘princess’. This is the main reason why even her cake was having a princess figurine theme. I was a bit surprised that the red stick in the cake was a fountain pala. haha.
To entertain all guest, two clown from pinoy payaso was hired. They also hosted the event as well as showcase their unique talent in magic. They also spend  a couple of minute on each guest table to share their close-up magic. Not only the kids were happy but I’m sure their parents felt the same amazement as well.

our entertainer......

We know kids are big fan of candies so to make them happy we provides bag of Loots with candies and chocolate in different shapes and colour. For the rest, we gave them a ‘thank-you-giveaway’ as a token of our appreciation for their support.

From the food to entertainment plus the bag of Loots and give away we prepare for them, we really hope that each one who came to the party took home a total package of happiness and enjoyment. A super big thank you from all of us. More birthday and blessings to come for our dear ALIYAH.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mylescxy
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 18:14:14

    Nice blog! You have a very cute niece.. 🙂


  2. loidabestdiscovery
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 19:55:38

    Thank u girl!


  3. Venus
    Jan 04, 2013 @ 20:50:45

    Hi, may I know the event specialist who decorated the place, I’m really desperate to find one since my daughter’s 1st bday party will be this coming march 6. Thanks a lot, it’s a nice blog


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