Another major event in Dubai comes to an end today- Dubai Shopping Festival 2012. It run for one month starting from January 5 to Feb. 5. DSF as fondly called, was one of the promising celebration that million of tourists, expat and locals were looking forward annually. Though theres no such big difference for this years event, still the festive-goers, like me, really enjoy the season.

How can I forget the entertainment and street-side performances every night a few steps from our house. Watching the mini-parade gives me a total relaxation on my busy mind due to hectic schedule in the office. There’s also a lot of  booth offering various kinds of food snacks and pretty accessories. For myself, I always make sure to buy a cup of corn with cheese while my cousins found attracted to nachos. We oftentimes see ourselves spending some minutes on each booth where everyone can play their favorite carnival games while assuming to get a prize. I don’t need to buy a token, a simple glimpse on how other visitors play their game is enough for me. I think it was a first time (I’m not sure) to have here in DSF a Monte Carlo Circus with some animals as their major casting.  Having a different amusement rides both for adult and kids remind me of my hometown’s fiesta. Whenever I hear a thrilling shout from the riders, I can’t resist to search where it definitely came from.  It’s fun to see them enjoying as well as seeing people painting a comfortable smile on their face.

A 5 minutes nightly fireworks display creates a good impression of how Dubai government support the well-known festival. Imagine how many people went to Creek side just to watch the beautiful fireworks scintillating in the darkness. Even I became a fanatic of fireworks show that I almost save it on my phone. Feel sorry can’t able to upload here due to some technical concern of my mobile. Anyway, most important is I adore the beautiful sparks designing creatively in the sky and savour the moment that I don’t usually saw very often.

DSF is not only for entertainment but mostly host of massive retail sales across Dubai. Wherever I go, each stalls in the mall displaying a lot of offer trying to get the attention of all visitors. Why not to take the advantage???? If those item that you want can be bought with huge discount. It is very far from original price. I thought DSF will end without anything I purchase during the entire season but 2 days ago I visited Aeropostale and there I bought a t-shirt for me and my brother on 50% discount. Yehey! Each mall shoppers does not only gain from their discounted rate but also have a opportunity to win super great prizes offer by some participating establishment. For this promotion, prizes comprise of gold, car and big amount of monetary values. As you walk inside the mall, a group of performers with different theme per night exhibit their astounding talent whereas a simple mark of commendation for them is equally deserving.

Even in some park, people were so happy to bring their cute kids for it offer a lot of relaxing and learning experience especially made for children. As for adults, food was one of their best shots. Most of the restaurant bring more delightful cuisines inviting each guest to give their stomach a great satisfaction.

One of the most interesting part of DSF is putting different country under one roof thru a place called ‘Global Village’. During the period, I don’t get chance to see what they have but according to my friend it was extended till 3rd week of February. Really hoping to bring my digicam there and take a memorable picture posing in remarkable spots for each country.Crossfingers….!

Dubai Shopping Festival 2012

 Having DSF is truly rewarding. Sparkling lights scattered along the streets, unlimited sales, fun fair, great performance, pyrotechnics and lot more..creates a beautiful definition of total enjoyment as well as promotes Dubai tourism to its countless visitors.

Thank you DSF for the unforgettable experience and looking forward for more celebrations with you. Cheers!



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