One of my priority task for today is to clean my closet. It’s been a week since the cabinet was empty yet I find no time to transfer all my things into it. For the past days I befriend laziness that I end up to no productive result but this time I want to do something good. Yes, today is the best time to do it.

I just sip a coffee to boost my energy then I start to visualize how my cabinet will look like after I arrange everything. Hehe, I act as if the whole house has to be fix but the reality emphasize only the small area where adjustment is badly needed. Without any disturbance, I initially take all my clothes from smaller closet to transfer it to bigger one. When all my things were lying in the bed, I found out some items that I never used for some years but still added up to my stock inside. My task now is not only limited to cleaning and transfering but most importantly, once and for all, de-clutter those unwanted stuff.

I have check every piece and evaluate if those things are necessary in my everyday living. I sorted out what is to keep and which one to dump as waste. There are some clothes that can be useful if I will donate it to charity, accessories that were broken, some papers which of no use. After assessment was done, I notice that my shifting task become more functional and facile. Things inside my closet was now in order and give ample space for future use because of my de-cluttering strategy. A simple activities today that suddenly turn out to be positive.

An abrupt realization splash to my mind while I was on the process of finishing my weekend assignment. I found out that there’s so many turmoil in my mind lately that require a de-cluttering process. Last week in the office, I’ve been stranded on a stressful situation giving me a troubled mindset. Comprising of urgent report revision, analytical data encoding, colleagues that so hard to pleased and overflowing thoughts draw confusion in my total well-being. As a result, I become insensitive and my attitude affect my work. Sorry for all the mess I create. 

I am so thankful for my household chores today that somehow help me to realize my mistake in the office. I lost a valuable time to focus on my main objective because I pay attention to unnecessary things. My way of thinking is not also organized leading me to not-so-effective outcome. It’s time to de-clutter! I need to have a fresh start and remove unwanted thoughts that only create confusion. Like my closet, I can only fill my mind with things that will surely create a clear direction of what should be done on the first place. I have the power to display a positive outlook by removing the clutter that could impede my progress. Afterall, De-cluttering my mindset is a great weapon to reduce stress in my life.

A weekend full of changes and learning experience. Thank you to my closet that invites me to sorting job and eventually hint me to apply the same perspective into my work relationship.


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