Single Awareness Day

Today is another season to celebrate. Love is in the air especially for those couple whose looking forward for this occasion. Anyway, there’s no such rule that celebration is limited to two lovers only, even singles has a certain space on cupids moment. Well, this is what we called Single Awareness Day or much better to say…Single Appreciation Day.

And how I make it……let’s begin:

05:45am A quality conversation with my Father is really a wake up call and the best motivation to start my day.

08:00am Meet my partner ( in work)…my computer. We had a lot of ups and downs. We plan together and promised a lot of action to have a fruitful result. I need to submit two important report and my partner is definitely inspired (hehe…like yours truly) to help me.

01:00pm Lunchdate with my officemate. A pizza and pasta from Round Table Pizza is enough to satisfy our bellies plus a short breaktime to talk anything under the sun.

02:30pm a simple ‘kwentuhan’ with my mother way back home. Thanks to the network who give way to us.

03:00 a perfect timing to be with my partner again. After a challenging report, I need to update my system and try to get things done. In between, chikka minute with my friends.

06:30pm exchanging some messages with my cousin. a true confession and lot of lessons to learn while on the way home.

09:00pm dinner date with my dxb family. Like us, so many people were spending their day outside. Most restaurant are full and people are roaming in every corner of the street.

11:58pm time to sleep. meet my bed.

There’s nothing wrong in being single it doesn’t mean we are left out in a society during this special season. We can make it special too, its just depend on how we will appreciate the fact that we have more time to do anything on our own and to choose who we want to be with.

Happy Valentines Day!


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