Unplanned Breakfast at McDo

During thursday our workforce is not complete. We normally come in the office by two (two girls on thursday and another two girls on saturday) but I was surprised when my other officemate come with us. She need to meet our boss. Since we’re using our company car she requested if we can accompany her friend who works nearby our premises. Without any doubt, my officemate cum driver said yes and offer to drop her in their actual working area.

Most of the time, a simple conversation filled our way but having additional passenger inside the car who was also energetic when it comes to ‘kwentuhan’ make us awake and avoid some minute of short nap. They entertain us to the highest level until we reach the entrance gate. Due to our laughing trip, we missed the gate where we suppose to come in. So, we headed to other gate. On our way to her office we saw Mc Donalds  and all of us decide to treat ourselves with a super deluxe breakfast. Biglaan to, sige nga, mag drive-thru tayo! At first we consider not to proceed because there is a possibility that we will arrive late and my boss might question us of our tardiness but we are so famished to taste it ( ang tagal ko na ring di nakakapag-breakfast dito). If I’m not mistaken the last time I had breakfast at McDo was last year (kung anong exact date at saan, hehe di ko matandaan). Anyway, we make u-turn and went straight to McDo. They order egg muffins and hash brown meals and for myself, I choose hotcakes. Well, we are so blessed this morning when my officemate’s friend shoulder all the expenses. Super thanks, T!

Though we are somewhat late, my other officemate were still on their way. Kala ko late na kami, yun pala…kami pa rin mauuna. Anyway, I need to finish my healthy breakfast before my boss step inside the office. After so many month, I can able to savor again the yummy food from McDo.

My energy-booster for today!!!!

My thursday was full of surprises. Late as it seems, still we enjoy our roadtrip as well as our unplanned morning breakfast at McDo. I’m lovin’ it!


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