Day 2 @ Baguio

I still have a hangover on our 1st day in the City of Pines. I know there’s more to discover and lots of promising experience awaits us once we begin our wandering outside our apartment.  For our energy-booster, we have coffee, bread, instant cup noodles and home-made sandwich (my friends baon) on our table. An exchange of opinion about our experience yesterday awakes us and add some excitement to our breakfast. Before the sun rise, we are ready to conquer the other popular tourist destination here in Baguio.

We receive another set of blessings thru my friend’s father who resides in Baguio. He offer his car for free. (super thanks!) While waiting for the car that we will use for our tour today I take a shot of those houses built on the side of the hill.

During night time, the mountain look likes a christmas tree and these houses are like christmas light that create a beautiful sparks on a dim surroundings..

Looking afar, the baguio houses looks like a beautiful masterpiece in my eyes. At first I wonder how to get there when all the pathway leading to their abode seems very difficult to reach because of too much steep. I also admire the strategy of some driver to accelerate their car on the place where maximum height is obviously visible everywhere.

When kuya (our special tourguide cum driver, Super thanks <—-) came to pick up us, we quickly went to La Tinidad, Benguet to see the famous Strawberry Farm. Its an advantage to went there early to avoid traffic.  Its really refreshing to see a vast garden of newly planted strawberry, greenery lettuce and some other vegetables that I forgot to ask the name due to my amazement to the place.

So many people were likely enjoying their walk in the farm. I have the same experience in my hometown where my father used to plant corn. Amidst the scorching heat of the sun, we offer to help him in planting a few seeds of corn. After doing so, we will take a walk, sometimes running in between until  our feet got tired. Unlike before the freezing wind passes thru my skin and this time I was surrounded with lots of tourist and bounty supply of Benguet’s originated fruits and vegetables.

Handpicking some ready-to-harvest strawberry is one of the exciting activities to enjoy in the farm. Due to strong demand, the handpicking fee is twice as the commercial value. For instance, you’ll not paying for the strawberry but for once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Don’t be surprise when most of the vendor persuading you to buy their product generated from what Benguet has unlimited supply. Of course, along side there is a number of stall for newly harvested fruits and a basket of kakanin (made from pinipig), jam, strawberry ice cream and their famous-straweberry taho. From so many available food we never miss to taste the much-awaited taho with strawberry flavor. Since last night we’ve been talking about it. We’re so happy that right in this moment the mouthwatering taho is in front of us.

D' man behind our favorite Strawberry Taho

After filling our eyes with a splendid scenery in the farm and had a light snack at Jollibee, we went straight to Bell Church. We saw this temple on our way to the farm and promise ourselves to spare some minute there. Bell Church is a well-known chinese temple located along the road to the town of La Trinidad. It became a house for those people who seeks for spritual relief. As we tour the premises I can’t help but to admire how chinese bring their culture and influence here in Baguio. Most of the area were dominated with green and red color for which I really don’t understand what is it for.

Chinese Temple

Bell Church welcome us with a beautiful landscape. No wonder why the place offer a quietude moment even outside. Along with other Chinese national, we embrace the serenity of the temple.

Our backgroung is indeed a big canvas.

1. The ladder at the back is a way going to Pagoda. 2. Another tourist spot.

It’s really amazing how they maintain the cleanliness and calmness of Bell Church. While we enjoy each step to Pagoda, we never fail to astonish the stunning view from above.

View from the top!

On our exit, an advertisement catch our attention. Hehe, single-friendly! Anyway, we should respect the rules and be there for offerings and prayers.

Intiendes! Taray!

Aside from Bell Church, we also visited another place of meditation-Lourdes Grotto.  It is located at Mirador Hill, where a tourist or devotee’s pilgrimage start at the bottom all the way up to the Shrine. We take each step courageously and feel blessed to see the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, which was carved by Isabelo Tampingco in 1913.

Each steps means a lot!

I am honor to be in a sacred place after a series of steps. The terrace where the main altar was built is really sacrosanct. Each one can bring flowers or lit a candle as there is one quarter provided for all these offering. Most of all, it give us a great space to pray and be thankful for our life.

On our way down, we take different path. Instead of taking the ladder we explore the other road where image of Jesus serve as a main guardian of the holy place of Grotto.

Another interesting fact about Baguio is being home for Bencab Museum. I’m sure not all of us know that this great museum exist in the city. Well, I admit I’m one of those innocent slash ignorant tourist who doesn’t even have a single knowledge about Mr. Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab – now I understand where the museum’s name stands for). It such an honor to see his brilliant works display on his very own museum. I will make a separate post for our memorable trip at BenCab Museum.

If before we enter the museum, we are hungry of some facts about Mr. BenCab’s collection within an hour our guide (I forgot her name, sorry) helped us equipped with knowledge about arts. Then we go back  to the main city and headed to Pizza Volante  in Session Road for our heavy afternoon snack. The place is famous for its tasty pizza and delicious pasta whom customers are keep on coming back for foodie reason.

I realize that since yesterday we’re feeding our heart and mind with lots of amazing things and information. A few steps from where we eat is Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. It’s time to feed our soul with His unconditional love and listen to His word. A combination of local and tourist come and go in the church for ongoing mass. And we are also one of them.

Pink colour church. Love it!

Its blatantly obvious that pasalubong is always part of the trip so we went to Baguio Public Market to buy something. A lot of product was available in each stall and market vendor was so untiring to call their prospective customer. From so many product, we just bought what our family want us to take home.

It was past 5:30pm when we reach our apartment. We urgently pack our things to make sure we’ll reach the terminal on time. It is one of the unforgetable scenario during our 2 day stay in Baguio. Throwing a joke while trying our best to put all pasalubong in 1 bag. Even before we start our trip 2 of my friend  carry a more-than-average bag as if we had a 1 week sleepover when in fact we had only 2 days to explore Baguio. This is the reason why we keep on laughing because aside from their personal things they have additional parcel to be included on the same bag.

hindi kame magkan-dadala. ang dame!

When we finish fixing all things, we are ready to bid adieu to the place that give us a shelter for 2 days and set a new definiton of what magnificent tourist spot destination they offer for each visitors. I learn a lot in Baguio. It gives me a valuable smile whenever I think of all places we’ve been visited within 2 days. I don’t know when will I have another chance to visit the summer capital of Philippines but I know if someone ask me to go there again—definitely I’ll say YES!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rommel
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 01:11:46

    I wish I saw this post before going there. Didn’t know about the Pagoda. Perhaps we didn’t paid much attention.

    The houses pic is so awesome. Pinoy drivers really are impressive.
    Ow Hey! Did you try strawberry taho? 😀


    • loidabestdiscovery
      Mar 13, 2012 @ 22:04:44

      Everybody deserve a second chance. Plan another trip to Baguio and discover its hidden beauty. Taho is part of my childhood. When we were in baguio, we’re so excited to see the strawberry farm as well as to eat the famous strawberry taho. Yun nga lang, it’s super duper tamis.


  2. nelson RN
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 22:05:31

    This post made me miss Baguio! My family was there 2 years back. Oh that strawberry taho… i love it. We’re planning another trip there soon. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Nice photos!


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