Our Trip’s SCENE-sational Moments

Our Baguio trip is one-of-a-kind experience for us. Though we had a limited time, its undeniable how we gain an unlimited source of blessings and bloopers on/off our 2-days escapade.

  1. Our call-time is 6pm but past 6:30pm were still having our group dinner.Yey,hindi naman kami late nito.
  2. After a month-long of not seeing them, this trip serve as a gate to rekindle our friendship. We didn’t notice the time consume on our way to Manila because we are so busy in chatting to each other.
  3. When we are about to got down from the bus, the Ticket Inspector help us with our baggage. While carrying a much-weigh bag of my friend he quickly jump into conclusion that we’re all bound to nearby country. Haha… si Manong oh kapag me maleta airport na agad hindi ba pwedeng Baguio muna.
  4. We didn’t expect the outnumber of travellers off to Baguio on that same day. We know we are a bit late but when we reach the bus terminal more and more people are in hurry to buy their ticket. Our suppose-to-be plan departure of 9pm suddenly become 1am. Wheeeww, need a big adjustment on our itinerary.
  5. 4hrs of waiting is not easy when you know that crowds keep on increasing every minute. The ratio of guest to chair is 6:1. Its common to see inside the terminal those travellers sitting in the floor. We are also one of them.
  6. We are advised to take care of our personal belongings while in Baguio for pick-pocket-ers are so tempting but would you believe that within a short span of an hour and right from the terminal  my friend was a victim of this fraudulent act. In a blink of an eye her cellphone is gone. Shock by what happen we help her to find it hoping that she just misplace it on her bag. Amidst the onlookers, we search and check  her bag and at the same time we keep on ringing and sending message but to no avail she accepted the saddest fact that her long-time most treasured phone is now in the hands of a strangers. Kung sino ka man…sana makatulong yan sayo at pausap paki-ingatan na rin.
  7. My dear friend who lose all her contact details need to inform her husband about the mishap she had encounter. Her husband positively noted her: “basta mag enjoy ka lang sa trip nyo. Wag mong hayaang maapektuhan ang araw mo dahil lang sa pagkawala ng cellphone mo”. After such heartwarming message, we saw again the undefeated smile on her face. She eventually gave all our number to her husband so that he can call her anytime.
  8. Finally our waiting-time is over. To our excitement , we choose the last row in the bus since we are 5 in a group and those 5-seater is definitely  fit to us. Whoahhhh…ang hirap pala sa likod…maalog!
  9. We need to sleep. Yes, as part of our plan, the backseat will be our bed this time. We require a gigantic energy for our 2-days getaway. It is a 6 to 7hrs of driving from manila to baguio so sleeping inside the bus is a great excuse to prepare ourselves and recharge physically.
  10. The airconditioned bus seems to be colder as we go along. My friend who by then felt the bone-chilling effect and was seating beside the window took the half side of the curtain and used it as her blanket. Haha..resourceful!
  11. Though we are still on the chatting-mode, we motivate ourself that sleeping is a must. All eyes were set for a long rest. Most of the passengers already find their solitude moment so it’s a bit jealous that we are still awake. ZZzzzzzz..sleep..sleep…sleep! After thirty minutes, I find it difficult to force myself so I just perceive if my friends were also pretending like me. I unmasked my shawl and hey….all backseaters were pretty awake. OMG, as my friend says: ‘niloloko lang natin ang ating mga sarili!’A generous giggle cause slight noise in the bus. Even some passengers gave a fussy look on us. Sorry! It was after the NLEX when we finally went to sleep.
  12. The bus stop.  A charming sun were about to rise when I open my eyes. I couldn’t believe how I got a total relaxation despite of seating in a shaky backseat.” Are we here in Baguio?, I heard from the passenger in front of us. The same question pop in our mind. Owwwsss…we are under the influence of long-hour rest that we are unable to see the beauty along the road. Suddenly, I remember the lofty pine trees, greenery mountainous side and  zigzag road I read in some books featuring the distinctive description of Baguio. How come we didn’t see all of these. A petty sound of regret cover our face. My friend who was a frequent traveller laugh at us and said: ano ba kayo, paanan pa lang to ng bundok, paakyat pa lang tayo ng baguio. bwahaha….excited!!!!! Yes, thank you at least we will never miss the opportunity.
  13. Oh, Baguio at long last we meet you! We received a warmest welcome from my friends family. They even prepared a breakfast for us.
  14. Every single minute is important in our 2-days trip. We shouldn’t waste it. My friend started to take a bath. It’s my turns I went to bathroom along with my towel and clothes only to find out that there’s no hot water available. I couldn’t disturb them as they were on the attic preparing for our much-awaited trip. I felt freezed by looking at the chilled water in the pail. Need some motivation….think about the sweltering temperature in the desert, pour the water and oh.la.la….ang lameeeegg! I should think pala the winter season to have a fair match.
  15. Cool is a word best describe to Baguio. So what is a coolest to wear….shorts!
  16. There’s a lot of travelers waiting outside at 50 Diners. Like them, we patiently wait till our reservation number was announced. When we got the chance to sit we quickly order our food. We choose the value meal good for 5 people. After 15 minutes, the assign staff were happily serving their dishes. Our small table was occupied with 2 big bowl of rice, 5 entrees, juice drink and 5 ice cream desserts. At first, we think that we can’t able to finish all. The serving was so generous. And here’s the twist… our first impression didn’t last, our appetite invites more tasty food till our plates turned squeaky clean.
  17. The super fabulous “wang-wang” then we’ll all chuckle : may raid!
  18. Four of us really enjoy our semi-vegetarian dinner buffet while one of my friend was just looking at us because she’s more interested in meaty foodies. Yummy vegies pa naman!
  19. Having free transportation means more destinations. Yehey!
  20. Knowing that Mr. Bencab himself was there inside the museum but unfortunately we didn’t have any chance to personally meet him. Sayang.
  21. For our group and last picture in Baguio, all people who help to make our journey more memorable was there in the apartment for final meet-up. Thank you guys!
  22. We’re leaving at 8:30pm. No street lights to guide us. Zigzag road  especially during night time are prone to accident. Well, trust and faith is a key. Our driver can manage a safety trip to Manila. Kaya ni Manong yan! La…la…la…sleep! The suppose-to-be arrival of 4am become 3am sharp. O, di ba ang galing at ang bilis ni Manong driver.
  23. Last but not the least, the super funny act I did near to our house. I arrived around 5am. Still dim and most of the people in our barangay was enjoying their sleep. Six step from the main highway, I slip. Oucchhh…. accidental planking in the street. Thank you for I am alone that time and nobody see me.

In every situation, we saw a various scenario. For each destination, we learned a unique  lesson. Behind our camera, a story that will last for lifetime. In our 2-days trip, it clearly defines the meaning of enjoyable journey.


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  1. eof737
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 13:06:22

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip. Welcome back! 🙂


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