I got an opportunity to spend some couple of hours in Taal, Batangas. Unknown to many, Taal exhibit their very own cultural identity and create some additional contributions on Philippine history. Well, I am so blessed to see personally the Basilica de San Martin de Tours also known as Taal Church. It was considered as one of the biggest catholic church in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia first constructed in 15th century then re-built on year 1856. As a matter of fact, in between those dates and lot of natural calamities it faced, still the church remain as one of the tourist spot in Batangas and till now it was a favorite venue for visita iglesias among Filipino and shelter a lot of people who ask for Divine assistance.

Basilica de San Martin de Tours

I am so amazed on its architectural facade outside but got more impressed when we sit inside. The serenity of the place enhance each church-goers  to be more faithful and grateful with our God-gifted lives. There’s no mass when we arrived but we are so lucky to hear those youth members of choir rehearsing their notes. Up to this date, the church was a dream wedding venue for some lovers out there.

A few step from Basilica is a public park. Though it was a small quarter only, it gives a quiet relaxation when you want to unwind.

We also spent some time in Our Lady of Caysasay shrine, a 10 minutes walk from Taal church. The 16th century old image was found by a fisherman and miraculously vanish many times but after a year of disappearance, the same image was reflected in the spring beside the village of Caysasay. Till then it was recognized that the Holy Image shares a multiple miracles and healing power. It even create a conclusion that the Image saves the town of Taal from its devastated Taal Volcano eruption during that time. For the record, the Image of Our Lady of Caysasay was canonically crowned in 8th Dec. 1954 at Taal Church.

Taal is not only known for its churches but also for its delectable filipino dishes. We arrived at Taal in the morning so we dine in one restaurant that offers a breakfast meal. Its a great wonder to found in every corner even in a simplest restaurant a trace of Batangas way of living. Here in Don Juan BBQ, they serve a varities of ‘silog’ delicacies and its interior generate a a historical tribute for each diners.

Look at the widely-opened windows made of Kapis shell. Most of the houses today were built in a modern adaptation so being able to see an old-version design in our new-age day is really one-of-a-kind experience. Even their decorations shows a true-blooded batanguenos way.

After a healthy breakfast, we had a short tour in Taal Ancestral Houses. Walking in between those houses remind me of culutral wealth of Batangas province. I am so impressed on how the Caretaker preserves the wellness of the house without compromising its old-fashioned design. If you knew Marcela Agoncillo, a legitimate child of Taal, she enlist the town into Philippine map by manually sewing our first and official Philippine Flag. Her old house in Taal turned out to be a museum as a commemoration to her valuable contribution.

Taal Ancestral House

Another informative news about Taal is being cited as Bayan ng Barong Tagalog (embroidered cloth made from Jusi and Pina) and Bayang ng Balisong (Butterfly Knife). No wonder why most of the soon-to-be-couple often visits Taal for their search of wedding gown. Here only in Taal Public Market, where we had a walk-trip, you can see a different design of handmade gown and they even available for rental package. It was also famous for its product- Balisong which is a gateway for Batanguenos being referred as brave and bolder in a appropriate and decent way.

Wandering the town of Taal in a short period is not enough. I’m sure there’s a lot of promising story and discovery awaits for each guests. Till next time….


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