For almost three weeks, our TFC and internet connection are temporarily paralyzed due to technical reason. During those time when this two were the most helpful resources to fight homesickness in a foreign country and a sudden surprise reach us that it’s not working not for 1 or 2 hours but a matter of three weeks, it leaves us with no choice than searching for some alternative to make our day.

Well, for the first few days it’s a bit difficult to adapt this new scenario.  My usual routine of watching TFC evening program after work as my sort of taking rest after a productive schedule in the office turns out different this time. Instead, I found myself watching Barney along with our niece and other cousins. Watching cartoon series is not new to me. The only difference now is that I watch it fulltime. I can see how happy our little one that she’s not alone in the living room, we too, clap and sing with her. Yay, watching Barney nth time a day remind us the easy-go-lucky life of being a kid. No wonder why all of us almost memorize every song played in each CD. Thank you Barney and friends for a great entertainment and awesome bonding moment we had with our niece.

On the absence of our connection we want to filled our day with fun. I’m not talking about playing games outside after we watch Barney but having more quality time with my older cousins and trying to reminisce our colorful childhood days. It is when we found the various stages we went through  that create a happy memory many years ago. Sitting in the sofa while exchanging our own life experience without worrying to pause because our tele-serye are tuning in again. Since our TV was off we got unlimited story and endless laugh trip almost every night.

No connection simply  means no uplate series. Though for a short period of time I miss a lot of inspiring and kilig moments of each character roled in a primetime series and some meet their end while other is  about to begin, it also shared a portion of having a big advantage — it simply means– I can sleep early than usual. I always sleep late when we had a regular TFC but due to present situation I rather choose to take a long rest hours than to be awake for nothing.

Part of our weekend activities is to bond in front of TV or browsing the net after doing all household chores.  Since this two are both shutdown, I take the opportunity of reading a Nicholas Boothman’s book. It was lying in our room for a year and found no extra time finishing it because TV and internet attracts most of my rest days. Even newspaper easily caught my attention. If before I was fascinated to read 2 or 3 pages a daynow I almost grab a copy and start to read from page 1 till end. I spent some hours to read even the oldest magazine in our house just to make myself busy. I am not a mobile-game fanatic but due to insistent off-hours demand I became close to my device. I didn’t try to play those game before till I experience this unfortunate circumstances at home that lead me to reserve  some of my energy to beat each  set of game. It’s fun din naman pala.

Getting disconnected to our main source of entertainment for a lengthy days seems difficult at first but when we find some things to occupy our time during those sign-off it will definitely create a new surviving ideas to combat boredom while we’re inviting ourself to learn something new and appreciate the smallest things that we’ll never done before.

The spirit of disconnection teaches us one important lesson : to have fun in whatever things we discover while waiting for our normal routine to resume.

After three weeks….I’m happily connected again!



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  1. dapithapon
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 20:34:21

    welcome back to the virtual world, Ms. Loida. 🙂 it’s good to know that you enjoyed your “disconnected” days. i will experience that kind of “virtual disconnection” next week. aakyat na kami ng Mt. Pulag. nakaka-excite na nakakakaba. 😀


    • loidabestdiscovery
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:20:55

      Thanks Ms. Haidee. Ang hirap din pero naka-survive naman. Wow, it’s your time na pra akyatin ang Pulag. My friends in highschool did it last year and grabe ang ganda ng view. Hayz, maka-akyat din sana me..


  2. nelson RN
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 06:41:56

    Nice to hear that your TFC connection is back, and also nice to hear that you tried to enjoy the “disconnected” time. TFC is also our source of entertainment here so I can relate in your sentiments 🙂
    Thanks for the follow


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