A Mother’s Story

Another special moment to celebrate: Mother’s Day!

One of the best gift that I truly enjoy, cherish and treasure up to this date is being blessed to have a mother who share her valuable time to show her unconditional love to us. More than the basic needs I received from her which I know every mother gave to their children, I mostly appreciate her courage in dwelling the hardship of being a 24/7 mom. Her womb became my shelter for nine months and as I grew up she told me  (same story I heard from my aunties and uncles)  how she went for several struggle just to keep me safe inside. I couldn’t imagine the pain she went through in giving birth at the age of 37. It was that age when she first held me in her arms and the rest is history.

I admire my mother for embracing the moment of pain and gain of motherhood. Her sense of humor will definitely add smile in everybody’s face. Despite of being a average-income earner then, she generously share whatever she had. From the small bowl of gulay to our kapitbahay up to giving her time to everybody in our family (both my maternal and paternal side belong to a big family)  is one of the best trait I look up to. She known for her hardwork. Aside from being a mother to us she was also a working mom (or to be considered as an entrepreneur) for 365 days. Rain or shine, she spent most of her daytime in the public market to make sure our needs are provided when she return home but she never missed any PTA meeting in our school or even the simplest family celebration she’ll definitely come home to be with us.

As I went to college with an equal exposure for more financial challenges, she doesn’t even care when negative words throw to her. They questioned  her (actually both of my parents) on how I can able to finish my schooling when she earn a little amount of income.  But she never give up her dreams for me. She continue to work and provide the wings I need. If FAMAS had a best actress, my mother got her super bonus award of being a mother when I handover to her my 4yr degree diploma. Those people who doubt on her before now look up to her (same credit to my father) as a mentor. She already proved to many people na ang hirap ng buhay ay hindi dapat maging hadlang para makamit ang tagumpay!

It’s difficult for my mother to be separated from me when I need to work abroad. With her trust and good faith she again gave her never-ending support. How difficult for her to wake up one day that her daughter will be temporarily away but she deals with it gracefully. I was also away when she encountered another challenges. I was newbie in Dubai when she badly needed to had a major operation. I remember she cried not because of the pain but because of financial shortage during that time. Her generosity pays off when she received a lot of extended blessings not only from us but also from other people. She bravely surpass her health challenges and manage to live a fruitful life till now.

I know some of you will spend a date with your mother on this special day. I felt sorry that due to our physical distance I can’t able to ask her out and only by phone we used to bond. Babawi na lang pag uwi. My mother knows we love and care for her so much. She’s our super INAY! I am so thankful for the gift of life and love she continously shower on me. Her dedication to be a good mother is really inspirational and her way of raising us is a great story to share. Whatever path I take, dreams I achieve, and success I gain, I’m always looking back that everything I have now is a product of selfless love of my mother.

I salute all the mothers in the world. You all deserve one-and-only  celebration not only today but for the rest of your life. You are the hero of every generation, a superwoman of every household, and carrier of only one status, MOTHER: a lifetime commitment and a blessings of every ordinary child. Cheers!!!!!!


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  1. dapithapon
    May 12, 2012 @ 18:35:57

    happy mother’s day to your mom, ms. loida! 🙂


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