KFC Moment

Totally out of our daily routine we just decided to order our lunch food from KFC. Though I had my prepared baon I also agree with my two colleagues to treat ourselves with their signature value meal. Why not???? It was a month-long ago since I tasted their finger lickin’ good chicken. As for my baon, I left it inside the refrigerator nd reserve for tomorrow. It was a timely idea also not to have an empty lunch box in my bag for I have a personal-slash-private mission today that require some amount of energy to walk few meters away from our house and having it will only create an additional weight amd might  cause slow-walking tactics for me (ang bagal ko pa mandin maglakad pag mabigat ang dala taz lagablab pa ang init na iniwan ni haring araw).

Usually, when we’re placing take away order from every fastfood chain we always have something left for the next day. Their generous serving of value meal is more than enough to satisfy our stomach but for unexplainable reason—for the first time— the 3 of us fortunately finish everything. As in empty bucket, not only for chicken but including large portion of mash potato and large coleslaw. Do we need to congratulate ourselves???? Nyahaha…. we can’t say that we’re hungry nor much excited t eat every bit but today is definitely—a simot-sarap day!

Since our lunch time were spent on KFC, there’s something sensible flash on my mind. We all know that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken but last month while I’m on tv/net diet, I found myself reading a Nicholas Boothman book where he also used/borrow the same abbreviation. It’s not a food-for-stomach related but rather a food-for-successful-life formula that every human being must use in achieving their purpose of existence. KFC, for him, simply define like this:

           K- now what you want

            Find out what your getting

           Change what you do until you get what you want

When we meet the world we already know that we are given a golden opportunity to live. Yes,  we all have life but are we heading in a right direction; are we living with purpose or we are like an ordinary fellow who dream nothing and let themselves goes on to the flow. Sometimes, we are uncertain where our destiny will lead us. We seldom thinks something is missing in our life that impede us to move forward.

We have food to eat, gadget to enjoy but do we have any reason to live. This is what we missed to have a fruitful life- setting GOAL for ourselves. If we don’t know what exactly we want in life then where do you think it will lead us.  Just imagine you have a car and you want to drive it but no particular plan where you suppose to go, it will only result to empty-fuel but no satisfaction at all. This what K (above) is all about. Recognizing our goal. It is not a matter of simple or complicated goal what more important is we have a reason to wake up each morning, work with fulfillment and have a satisfaction at the end of the day while we’re on the process of realizing our dreams.

Okay, you know what you want but do you have the potential to achieve it. Do you have a weapon to accomplish your purpose? Or you will give up if by chance you hit the bottom. Like the example I used above, driving a car to reach your exact location is not always on smooth lane. At the middle of your journey, you will experience near-to- empty fuel, more road bumps or worst than ever-detour to nowhere. If you really wanted to reach your destination you will surely  done something to go for it. You will never stop until you finally see what awaits you there when you arrive. Same thing with our life. There’s no room for quitting if we always want a brighter future ahead of us. Live with purpose. Dream. Believe and Achieve!

Everytime we ate and enjoy a KFC meal, I also hope you live your life in KFC rules!


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