I was walking near to our building when an incitement to get my mobile out of my bag instantly wink into my mind. 2 missed call from my cousin!! Aahh…for what????! I was suppose to return a call when she appear in front of our building inviting me to join with them. A surprise question of “where are we going?” keeps playing on that moment. Oh well…a simple dinner to Grosvenor House. Whaaaattt!????

Grosvenor House is a two-tower hotel situated at the center of Dubai Marina. Just staring at the sophisticated design of the building is no wonder they deserve to own their tagline ‘a luxury collection’. If outside appearance create an interesting picturesque of high standard they make sure that every piece inside the hotel blend in a new definition of modern elegance.

In the reception area of tower-2, the staff welcome us with their warmth smile. After listing our name in their logbook they accompany us in the elevator. It’s amazing how they secure the place by assisting all stay-in or (even hour-guest like us) with their unique access card. Imagine the lift will not work unless the staff tag the card into their high-tech lift-system. After receiving such v.i.p. escort, our group reach the Three Bedroom Residence Apartment where my cousin’s aunt (paternal side) and her entire family cheerfully waiting for our arrival.

A relaxing nightlife view of dubai marina became a natural frame in the living room while the cozy kitchen will definitely invites those aspiring chefs-wanna-be to share their signature dishes. It has a complete set of cooking tools from induction cooktop to oven to different size of glass used for any alcoholic drink. Wheeww sarap magluto! But since we’re all guest (of horror este honor, hehe) my cousin’s aunt didn’t allow us to cook. She show us her cooking prowess by serving a Mexican Fajitas and Chili-con-Carne as our dinner. The semi-spicy meal we had seasoned the rare opportunity of meeting these people who came  all the way from Europe. There is no blood relation between us but knowing we all grew up in the same town is enough to filled the night with laughter and good memories of the past and how we still know each other despite of our physical distance.

Random pics from Grosvenor House


I didn’t expect I will be given chance to stay even as a hour-guest in Grosvenor House but I’m so thankful how this place help me to reunite with them. I don’t know when will our path cross again but one thing for sure, the happenings and experience inside the hotel will remain a good scenario for me.


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  1. nelson RN
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 20:55:02

    Wow cool place!


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