I realized for the whole month of July I was so blessed to witness the life’s celebrations of my dear friends and family members. I’m so grateful to receive some invitation from them and how things turn out to be memorable for me. Of course, food tripping serves as our main platform.

Recently, my cousin add another life to her years. We decided to eat outside instead of usual preparation at home. What a coincidence to see them all wearing same shade of purple. For me, I have only one left ready-to-wear (nyahaha in need na ulet mamalantsa??!!) blouse in my closet –it’s purple and when I go to the living room, we shout a big hurray for having a complete set of teammates.. It’s like a tournament with purple as our symbolic color.

When were walking in the street most of the passersby were looking at us. As if it was their very first time to see a group of people in uniform. Oh yesss, we’re a family and we’re having a party.

We choose to celebrate her birthday at Nando’s – a Peri-Peri restaurant famous for their flamed-grilled chicken. The waiter assist us to our reserve table. Though it was already time for Iftar there’s still some seat empty. Like in the street some diners were setting their eyes on us. It’s okay! It’s my cousin’s birthday!

Kami na ang naka color coding!!!! Hep..hep…hapi birthday, cousin!

We order a Duo Platter which are good for two people and 1 serving of chicken in vegetable bedding (sorry, I forgot the right term). One edge of Nando’s chicken is the taste that stuck on your mouth everytime you chew it. Maybe its one of the reason why people like us always coming back to the place. What we order is good enough for the day  and to mark the simple ( or in unity) celebrations of my cousin.

After a series of click here and there, we goes directly to the main mall where Nando’s Restaurant is attached. Most of the establishment inside the mall were on sale. We take a quick visit for each even without spending much. Inside Max Department store, we saw 4 ladies( shopping together??) also in same range of color-if we are team purple, they are Green team. Haha… I quietly ask myself: are they partying also or nagkataon lang na pare-pareho ang kulay ng damit nila. Anyway, whatever trip we have it’s just purely for fun!

Team Purple!!!!!

That day was filled with so much in common—in color, in food and when it comes to unity–I’m willing to walk, eat, shop and enjoy everything together with my DXB family.


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