Package of Happiness

If  you are working outside your home country sending balikbayan box to your love ones somehow become part of your 2 to 3 years contract. I’m not exaggerating the fact that some modern heroes (fondly called as OFW), if not all, had experience to hurried in the last day sale and enjoy the benefits of discounted prices for the sake of completing their package of goodies. Whoaa..I’m one of them. Whether I get an empty regular or jumbo box my duties to fill it with basic necessities (or sometimes semi-luxury) requires a target date. At the same time, the price value of each item needs to enlist in my monthly budget. Filling the box can’t be done in an overnight process and most of the time it will stretch your allowance. There are moments especially when my total amount exceeded from my expectation that I dare to ask myself if its really worth any single Dirhams from my pocket. Do I need to shoulder all expenses and eventually share the items to others? Afterall, the goods inside the box is not for my family only it will be extended also to my cousins, friends, neighbor, etc (o di ba ang ugali ng pinoy..di lang pam-pamilya…pang-kahit kanino pa…)

I remember when I was young, some of my mother’s cousins were lucky to work abroad. They always sending a big box to their families. Sometimes, they gave us chocolates and branded coffee but there’s one pasalubong that I can’t forget as a kid. They handover to me a wrist watch with Barney imprint inside ( di ko pa kilala si Barney noon, yun pala super sikat na siya). I always wear a smile whenever I carry my watch. Even my playmates were eager to know where I bought it. Then I’ll tell them it came from package of positive feelings. After two years, I received a doll named Audrey which I don’t play for many years instead I display it in our cabinet. These are the actual gift that create a longterm happiness in my childhood days. The contagious happiness continue to flourish even when I was a teenager. I’m so blessed to know some people resides thousand miles away yet so thoughtful to give me something whenever they have chance to send their balikbayan box. The impact of what they done reflect the reality that kindness and sharing still exist in every little way.

If these wonderful people never forgot to put smile in my face now that I have the opportunity to pass the same happiness and blessings to others then let it be the main reason to do also a selfless act. No matter how tired I am, how long it is, or how much amount require to complete a box, it is WORTHY for I know tiredness is temporary and the equivalent value of each items will be paid in due time but the happiness I can share with them can make a big difference. After all, there’s no limit in being blessed and be a blessings to others!!!!


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  1. rommel
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 23:39:02

    You put this Balikbayan Box thing in so much light. I never get it. My parents always always do it, and to be honest, though I never stopped them, it irrates me. They put money on that box, and I’m not fully sure whether they’re really getting the right needed or wanted stuffs, or if my niece and nephew actually do appreciate what they get. I never really approve of it, because in my closed mind about it, the things they filled the box with can also be found in the Philippines anyways. I just always think that my parents get the pleasure of providing my them with presents, paraphernalia and necessities. Now that you put it that way, I guess there’s so much more to it and that the counted “thought” of receiving from the box can leave a lastng impression.


    • loidabestdiscovery
      Aug 23, 2012 @ 16:18:29

      Thanks for sharing your point of view. I’m sorry If I can’t express what I mean. I’m lost for words to emphasize the emotions attached by taking the role of cheerful giver. There’s a mix feeling that I can’t explain whenever I sent boxes to them. I’m just happy doing it.You too, are so lucky to be surrounded with generous people. Yes, some of the content are available locally but I’m sure you’re aware also that not all people are as wealthy as we think. There are some situation whereas affordability is a matter of question. It’s up to the receiver whether they will appreciate or dump it. Cheers!


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