How Petals Blossomed our Night

FYI: This is a super duper late post. After a much-awaited holiday and normal working days resume I found myself busy trying to catch up and finish those loads of paper lying in my desk for so long.

Writing mode again……

Since 98% of our workforce is non-muslims celebrating Suhour and Iftar feast is a slight no-no to us. Though we gave respect and follows the rules during Ramadan setting a date to dine in as a group is far from what normally do but for the very first time in our company history our Management decided to treat some of its staff for a 1 night Iftar dinner. Out of numerous hotel in dubai who offers a delectable buffets we made a booking at Petals– a well-established restaurant of Rose Rayhaan Rotana Hotel.

Since we are working less hours and Iftar timing that day is around 7pm we just stay in our colleagues house to take rest for a while. After recharging our semi-tired body we went straight to the hotel to savor their tasty dishes.

The first thing I notice when we step inside is the silent ambience of the place and lot of neatly presented food on both side. There are some guests quietly enjoying their stay while we are still waiting for our co-employees. Chat. Chat. Chat till they arrive.

In Petals, food choices is not limited to 1 or 2 theme. They put together in one buffet so that their customers can explore into different dishes. Eventhough it was ramadan and most hotel offer more of arabic food, Petals manage to cater the needs of Diners in different nationalities. Known for having a touch of international cuisine they make sure that  each meal are serve in highest standard and has the aromatic taste that will invite each guest to try even more.  As a matter of fact, we have a vegetarian in our group yet I saw them satisfied with what the restaurant has to offer.

From the freshness of vegetable salad to the juiciness of main course up to the sweetness of dessert deserves a thumbs up. Aside from the quality of food all Petals’ staff knows the real meaning of good service. They are very attentive and friendly as well. No wonder why in every social media I had search Petals garnered a lot of positive feedback and good review.

Credits goes to my Colleagues who took all the photos.

If you notice my picture are limited to ladies only. Well, this is what we called special group binded with camera’s charm. This time food and beverages got an exemption for photographic sessions as we feel a bit shy to our groupmates who are busy relishing their meals.

We just let the hours pass by spending a quality conversation over the cup of green tea with a simple remembrance of how Petals Restaurant  kick off the night of unity for all of us.


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