Last two months ago, I met you wearing my unprepared mood. It was out of planned yet your glowing beauty even in the night never fails to amazed and give me complete appreciation of your totality. No wonder amidst the unexpected moment how it turns out to spell my cravings to see you again in the future. On my previous topic, I made a promised that one day I’ll come and  meet you to discover more of your in-depth character.

By the way, I’m not talking about a person but rather a place I’m longing to see eversince I landed my restless feet on it. I’m refering to one of the iconic place in Dubai–Souk Madinat Jumeirah (MJ) which I find an ideal stop to shop, dine and enjoy its hidden gem.

As I walk in your pathway, I was fascinated with your great idea of resembling a souk-inspired style. Your ceiling is decorated with unique woodcarving while it blended with the style of your wooden door and lantern on the side. It actually reminds me of old souk in Deira but the only difference is your retail price which is a bit pricey. Each stall sell almost same brand as what I saw in the Mall. Though shoppers can bought the same item outside Madinat you gave them a chance to have a different version of shopping spree by providing a serene surrounding far from the crowded area of regular Mall.

Souk Madinat

The other side of Souk Madinat

Madinat Souk shelter some of the finest restaurant in town. It is also one of the reason why people hailed from 7 emirates want to have a date with you. You’ve got a lot of options starting from the country own arabic resto to international-acclaimed cuisine. You offer a sumptous brunch, ala carte, dinner and even afternoon tea while rendering each diners a one-of-a-kind romantic setting.

Outdoor seating (the.meat.&.co.)

Instead of having a gigantic cinema like what most of the Mall shares you highlighted the importance of live performance by providing a venue to The First Group Theatre. I may not witness how it operates but during my visit you try to promote in every possible way the music of Beatles to be perform by your very own Fab Four.

Aside from shopping and dining, your visitors can enjoy some activities which can be found only in your premises. Actually, it is your competitive edge over the other Dubai destination. Though in Deira Ialso saw the Abra going to/from Bur Dubai still traversing your man-made mini lagoon ( I think) is little bit exciting. The outside decking of some restaurant plus the stunning view of Burj Al Arab makes boat ride more enjoyable. Actually, you have the resemblance of Gondola same like what Venice Italy had.

Way for Abra Tour

You know the spectacular Burj Al Arab which is astonishing figure in the sheik Zayed road can be seen upclose in your area. I was standing near the promenade level and there I saw the jawdropping  design of the only 7 star hotel in the world. How I wish I could also see its golden interior. Hope. Hope. Hope. 

***Burj Al Arab****

Eye-catching Burj along with madinat Souk

Getting upclose….

You allotted one zone for Amphitheatre which is another good spot for outdoor diners. It was our background when we had our surprised dinner at Al Makan before. walking through your stair and overlooking your artificial body of water while waiting for ordered food is the best hangout for that moment.

MJ’s Amphitheatre

Thank you Madinat Jumeirah (MJ) for your grandiose welcome and for allowing me to spend my blissful day with you. Though I have a limited time, in return you gave me the unlimited access to explore your entirety.


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