Unprepared to Prepare

I require some documents from POLO-Dubai. The day before my scheduled appointment, I prepare those credentials ( I thought) needed for quick processing:

  1. Make sure they are in regular working days. —> Check!
  2. Print those neccessary forms available on their website- www.polodubai.com. —>Check!
  3. Ask Colleague for proper location and possible means of transportation.–>Check!
  4. Print the map available also on their website for assurance that I will heading on the right direction. —>Check!
  5. Inform my officemate that I’ll come late. I should have replacement in between my absence. —>Check!
  6. Assure that certain amount is reserve for service charge. —>Check!
  7. Browse the internet for appropriate public transport exactly going on that side (mahirap ng maligaw). —>Check!
  8. Set my mind that everything will come positively. —>Check!
  9. Get excited! No need to worry. —> Check!

I went home with all my advance preparations. I’m at-ease to do my personal work on the next day because I believe I’m ready.

When I thought I prepare everything suddenly I realized that the girlscout in me is still missing.

   10. Passport copy. —>Che….whoaahhh..not photocopied. I should have the original. –>Shocking!

Oh my, what is the significance of knowing the place and having those pre-requisite stuff when all of a sudden..I forgot to bring my passport. For those expat like me who wants to visit the consulate for valid reason MUST have an original passport on hand for fastest documentation. It is actually my gatepass yet I make myself busy in collecting the minor requirement and worst of all, I neglect the most important things.

    11. Mistake happen. Lesson learned. Make a new schedule. —>Check!

   12. Next time dont forget the Original Passport. —> DOUBLE CHECK!


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