The Meat and Co.

As part of our Madinat Jumeirah hour tour we decided to try one of the well-established steakhouse in Dubai- The Meat & Co. This prestigious restaurant is not only famous here in UAE but also scattered in some parts of the world. As a matter of fact, here only in Dubai they have 2 branch-1 is located in the heart of Souk Al Bahar (Dubai Mall) and the other 1 is in Madinat Jumeirah.  The latter was situated in promenade level of Souk Madinat. Outdoor seating was available  but we choose to reserve a seat inside due to hot weather condition.

For our group foodtrip this year, we temporarily scratched the idea of taking eat-all-you-can lunch and happily indulge ourselves into ala carte style where The meat & Co was known for. The place is spacious for both small and big group diners but before the crowds come in we already found a good seat few steps away from the window where the upper half of Burj Al Arab can be seen uplcose. It’s really aamzing that after our host take all our order, they serve us their complimentary bread a bit quick than other resto’s tactics. At first I thought both were the same but when we cut a piece and bite it, the flavours come out differently. One has potato and the other is made of squash. We all agreed that the latter is tastebuds-friendly and invites us to ask for another servings.

Free Bread, Yummy!

We admit its our first time on this kind of high-class restaurant. We don’t know  their specialty so we better asked the help of our host, Mr. Chulani. From him, we gather a lot of information about their business, owners as well as little knowledge about their food terminologies.

For our appetizer, we ordered Boerewors-a grilled african sausage with pap and chakalaka sauce. The plating is good but nothing special on pap which is tasted like Maja Blanca ( mas okay pa rin ang maja-pinoy version) My satisfaction goes to african sausage which is much juicier and blends well when you dip on Chakalaka sauce. According to Mr. Chulani, Pap is a grated cornmeal and chakalaka sauce is an african term which is a combination of tomato, onions and beans. To complete our entree set, we also take 1 order of The meat & Co Chef salad which consist of fresh cut vegetables and fruits and a small bits of sundried beef with maple cashew nut dressings.

Of course, The Meat & Co is famous for their one-of-a-kind beef menu. They have variety of beef cooked in so many different ways. We tried their Angus Butchers Skewers. It is a medium rare Beef Angus marinated and skewered along with onion and pepper. It was one of the best beef I ever tasted. It’s meaty and tender  that can easily chew and bite into pieces. I am not a beef fanatic but I think I set my standard that their version is something that I will search whenever I dine in other restos. Most of the time, beef smell like maanggo and has an aftertaste but their version is indeed a perfect cooked.Even their french fries is a perfect match for this protein-filled menu.

Angus Beef

Since our group loves seafood, we ordered Grilled Giant Prawns. The juiciness of of prawns comes from its natural flavour with the help of thyme and lemon. Their baked potato becomes our carb-intake for the day as a side dish to prawns. Aside from the main course, The Meat & Co. also serve a licence venue for wine drinkers. They have a wide selection of wines. Imagine they have a separate menu just for drinks only. I’m sure its a perfect match for their steak (but sorry we never try it).

Grilled Prawns

We let our digestive system do its vital role before we asked for dessert. They have a lot of choices if you have a sweet tooth. We decide to try one of their specialty eventough we felt fullness inside. Being a kid at heart we got a big eyes when we saw the Chocolate Pistachio Fondant from the list.  It took 10 minutes to serve because they need to baked it upon order to preserve its freshness. Its look like a cupcake but theres  a caramelized chocolate inside that add some twist on its yummy taste. Along with it is the classic vanilla bean ice cream (I think the main ingredients here is the Pistachio nuts) that really blend with the sweetness of chocolate.


We don’t took so long because some of my colleagues had different appointment on that same day. Just a bit of picture taking and there we end our food trip with a great smile in our face.

How to get there:

From Dubai, follow the Sheik Zayed Road till  Mall of Emirates, then take Exit 39 (before MOE) going to Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah Beach Road. Just go straight- there you’ll see the Madinat Jumeirah after the signal (exactly at the end of the road).

The Meat & Co

Shop 148 Souk Madinat.


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