I’m so happy to see Philippines again. Aside from re-uniting with my family and spend a quality time with them, I could also meet most of my dear friends from childhood to college. It was the best moment to relax and wholeheartedly appreciate my off without thinking my work, my expat life and everything about Dubai. I’m sure some of Filipino working thousand miles away can relate on my excitement to come home. Stepping on our native land is always a dream destination for all who were temporarily away from our loved ones. So making each day memorable and worthy plays a vital role in achieving vacation grande, ika nga nila.

Though its not a rainy season, there’s a fair share of rainfall anytime of the day. I was surprised with the kind of weather here (winelcome ako ng sipon, nyahaha) as I don’t have an idea when it will suddenly fall so hard.  That’s why I always keep my folded pink umbrella in my bag wherever I go. I am thankful that whenever I need to go outside (whether official or personal gala) the weather is so cooperative. Its giving me way to finish the things I must do in a day then afterward saka bubuhos ang ulan. Thanks to SM for giving me a free pink umbrella when I shop on their Department Store. Speaking of SM and other mall nearby as well as our public market, I was fascinated with their idea of taking seriously the no-to-plastic campaign. Afterall, this is a small step to save our mother Earth and will be a beneficial to the next generation.

It’s more fun in the Philippines. Even just at home, each day counts as memorable stay. I can eat the food which rare to find in Dubai like Lansones,  Lomi or hot pandesal. So nice to know that we have a home-grown Patola in our backyard ready to harvest anytime which is a good match to fried tuyo or Tilapia. I can also explore my hour by visiting some of my relatives and their house become my tambayan. Watching TV is my other source of entertainment. I enjoy being too close to remote control as I alwayas shift from 1 channel to another. There’s a lot of well-documented shows that deserve my time and attention so when commercial break—alam na…..lipat sa kabila! Listening to radio program at night is also my pampalipas-oras till I fall into sleep.

Lots of happy events where I am invited are still counting–birthday, anniversary, wedding and even simple gathering but I’m a bit apologetic for refusing some of them due to my conflict schedule. If only I could spare my time to each one of them, then I will do so. Coming home means reviving the opportunity to meet my friends I never seen for years and have a fantastic day with them. As a matter of fact, I’m always looking forward to our escapade which they never fail to plan everytime I visit Philippines. Despite of their busy schedule they gave atleast 1 day just to hang out with me.

Though most of my days were spent being an expatriates, I love to see myself landing on the place where I am mostly welcome. To see my hometown after months of living in a distant city is indeed a promising event. Full of line up activities, people who was eager to exchange a conversation with me, the place waiting for my presence, the vacation that freshened up my mind. In short—— There’s no place like HOME!


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  1. dapithapon
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 17:21:47

    ms. loida, welcome back to the Philippines! 😀 hanggang kelan ka rito? kung hanggang 3rd week ng November, meet tayo! i think it would be nice to meet a fellow blogger like you! 😀


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