It’s weekend when we finally pursue our plan to visit some parts of CALABARZON. Our first stop: Quezon Province. Few years back, I already visited some of its town on various occassion to attend a family event. This time I went with my friends for a typical unwind session. Since our call time is about 5am we only  got a super light breakfast  at home and decided to have brunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Almost past 9am when we reach the Lucena Grand Terminal. From there we look for a public transport going to Tayabas. It will surely pass baranggay Dapdap where Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is located. I notice that most of the jeepney in Quezon were design for a big purpose. It’s not an ordinary 12 seater but the passengers can also seat at the top if they want. When asked why it was bigger than normal they told me that it is used also to transport goods to the nearby provinces. Ah okay, parang sa Baguio lang. It’s also funny how the Driver of the jeepney got his own assistant someone like the “kunduktor” in the bus. Sa sobrang haba ng jeep may taga kolekta ng bayad, kulang na lang may ticket na rin.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is such a indigenous restaurant that promotes our very own Filipino culture.  They have an ample count of Nipa hut floating in a bamboo raft where we stay for a while for our gastronomical experience. Since the Nipa Hut are floating in a man-made body of water, we have to pass a bit narrow bamboo bridge in order to find a comfortable seat. Well, for all first-timers, try to have a good balance while walking or else you will fall down. We saw lots of water lilies around  the area and even their furniture on the side are made of carve old tree which I think serves as a waiting area in case all table were fully occupied. The place can cater the needs of both small  and big group but there comes a time that it was loaded especially during Holy Week and weekend. So far, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is one of the distinguished eating destination which is near to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center, another crowd’s favorite place in Quezon.

Living in a modern world, its nice to find a place with a native-inspired theme.  We, Filipinos are known for eating “naka-kamay” style. This is what you can expect in Kamayan– from the name itself- all guests can  set aside the pair of fork and spoon and try to use bare hands while eating. Of course, Handwash in a passe banga is available in every corner.

If the interior/exterior design of restaurant are made to emphasize our historical identity, they make sure to put an exorbitant pinoy-touch to their dishes. We find here a variety of genuine filipino food that is uncommon in other chain of eatery. Like ensaladang pako (Fern Salad), fresh fish and seafoods prepared in a different cooking techniques as well as locally produced vegetables. From so many listed meals on their catalog, we all agreed to order Sinugno Tilapia (grilled tilapia in a coconut milk), Laing which we don’t know why their version is a bit sourish (or maybe because of grated kamias mix with it???), Sinigang na Sugpo, rice and Pancit Habhab (Lucban’s local delicacy). When all these kind of of food is in front of you, under the provincial ambience of Bahay Kubo then what else I’m waiting for—masarap kumain kung naka-kamay!

Kamayan Dessert

We didn’t order any dessert because we reserve it for our Liliw trip. Unfortunately on our way out, we can’t resist the newly-cooked and mouth-watering Kamayan Dessert display near the restaurant’s main entrance. So we bought some pieces and ate while waiting for any public jeepney that will bring us to our next stop over.

Well, for me, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a good escapes if you want to avoid the urban’s noisy surrounding and feel the rhythm of nature while indulging into palatable Filipino cuisines.


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