After our happy-tummy food trip at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we proceed to our next destination: Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center in Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. Our tricyle journey from Kamayan to Kamay is filled with lots of nature sight-seeing. A scent of fresh air accompanies us all the way to the blessed place. There’s an ongoing healing mass when we arrived and bunch of devotees were happy celebrating their special moment with God. It’s really amazing how the founder, Mr. Joey Faller, did selfless job by sharing this place to thousand of people looking for spiritual guidance, physical and emotional healing capital and serves as a good platform for family bonding.

My friends and I went first to Garden of Eden where effigies of biblical animals as well as miniature of Adam and Eve are clearly identified.  It was a pellucid representation of what actually described in the Book of Genesis. Imagination works whenever I saw a picture of sanctuary but this time I got an opportunity to be physically present on this man-made paradise. Of course, Noah’s Ark generates a huge impact to its visitor for it was so gigantic that can catch your attention from afar. Sorry, due to time restriction, I didn’t check what’s inside (hopefully, NEXT time!!!). For now, I’m contented to be an enthusiast onlooker outside. Hehe.

It’s time to step forward and get closer to Grotto’s pinnacle where a towering sculpture of Jesus is waiting for our arrival. Just by looking at the height  of the grotto and a multiple steps ahead will absolutely  test your  hiking endurance.  I am not a mountaineer but I believe my energy is enough to surmount the challenge. I even saw some lola’s and kids who meander succesfully  to the top. Then who am I to back out??? Afterall, I am more excited to stand beside Him at the peak. It’s not how fast I can reach the zenith but it’s the climb that matters (parang kanta lang ah!).

To God be the Glory!

So we began our first step with energy and faith as our priceless weapon! Actually, all my travel buddy friends  visited this place many times and they just accompany me on my journey (how sweet, yehey!). Since it was a religious site, a proper dresscode is a must (naks buti na lang pa-konserbatib ang suot ko, toink! Tamang respeto nga naman) As I set foot in each level, I am mesmerized for the undeniable beauty of Lucban. The aerial view from where I stood is much fulfilling compare to the strength consume when I take my first step. Yes, the journey is somehow tiring but but we are blessed with a good weather. The sun keeps on hiding in the clouds and the wind generously share its power that motivate each visitors to climb a little bit easier.

Well, pilgrims can also look forward to Station of the Cross in a life size sculpture which is available in every level. They can spent some minutes to meditate, pray and appreciate His unconditional love for all of us.

For God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son…..

Finally, after a series of trekking we felt glorified to stand at the topmost. You know what I feel????? It’s like enduring all pain then afterward gifts of gain await us. It was an inspiring climb! The supernatural breathtaking view where mixed of greeenery, aquatic body of water and the cerulean sky  was truly worth eye-feasting.


Same with other visitors, we offer a prayer, take a little rest while keeping our eyes busy for the impressive scenery and be reminded that God is with us all the time. The climb to Kamay ni Hesus could assess your stamina challenge (for some) but at the same time creates more space for spirtitual growth.

If you want to see this haven’s place then firmly stand tall at Kamay ni Hesus!


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