We follow the Lucban-Majayjay-Nagcarlan road to reach the small but very accommodating town of Liliw in Laguna. No wonder why they were tagged as the country’s Tsinelas capital because assorted footwear are scattered along the vicinity. While waiting for our friend who manage to escapes from their company party just to join us on our bonding moment, we roam on the busy street of Gat Tayaw where different showroom of slippers can be found. It was very entertaining to witness a group of visitors who has full support to Liliw’s pride. Either they went there to buy something or merely plain wanderings only. Like us, we don’t have any plan (at first) of buying slippers because we are avoiding the hassle of bringing too much stuff. (Nyahaha, mahirap magbitbit pag palipat-lipat ng sasakyan). But when we started the store-hopping, fitting our size and even asking the price….OMG…we all end up carrying our own pasalubongs.

Here in Liliw, there are plenty of design to choose from whether the end-users are boy or girl, lavish color that will suit your preference and competitive prices that will surely match your budget. Can you imagine for as low as Php100.00 you can bring home 3 pair of slippers. Bongga! My business-minded friend come with an idea of purchasing more quantity and sell it to their neighbors. When we enter each stall we were amaze ont their creativity  of producing a colorful slippers that could easily attract each consumers. Liliw make a trademark that their home-made slipper was indeed a good catch without compromising its quality.

Pili na! Bili na!

If Edsa was dominated with appealing advertising board then Liliw had jumbo slipper hang above the ground as well as immense modern sandals along Gat Tayaw. Even some of the store-owner had life-size display of tsinelas next to their shop.

After almost 1 hour of slipper sightseeing and shopping, we visit the notable St. John the Baptist Church which is a walking distance from the market. There’s no mass inside but on that day it was open for public.  The church are so spacious to welcome all visitors who wish to offer  prayers. Though the foundation itself were built many decades ago and outside appearance can’t hide its old age, still the Parish magnificent charm remains the same. The red bricks that serve as the backbone are one of the acclaimed feature of the Liliw Church.

Being in Liliw is great manifestation that their very own identity is preserved despite living in a highly commercial world.


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