In The Name of ARABELA

Aside from locally-made slippers and prestigious old church, Liliw has one eating destination where visitors can look forward to after their gala mode. The Arabela in Rizal Street seems to be very busy all day long so kindly warn yourself that patience is a must. We’re so lucky to wait only for 10 minutes because some of the customers especially if they are in big group will take time before they got a seat.

Unlike other, Arabela is not that big. Their low ceiling doesn’t  help to create atleast an illusion of space but they make bawi-points by bringing out their best on food menu. My friend who already experience to dine in here had a very good review about the cafe so she want us to try it also. Since we’re there for afternoon snack we better order something that could filled the energy leak on our pasalubong shopping spree.

Its good to know that Arabela serve the finest Italian-like cuisines. We order sirlion Fettucini, Pesto and pizza which have a similar taste to European flavor I had taste in Dubai. At the same time, we try their version of Potato Salad and Bread Pudding. Assorted drinks are available in our table. We have chocolate milkshake, fresh mango juice, watermelon shake and hot chocolate.

arabela food1 arabela food2

Well, it was indeed accurate when those diners keep on saying good things about Arabela because we also proved it by ourselves. Potato salad, though serve in small portion was more than enough to start our food trip. Their pasta is so firm and tender with a savory sauce that relish classical flavor. We fell in love to Bread pudding because it was so soft and had satisfying sweetness na di nakakasawa. All our drinks looks appealing and of course a perfect combination to our special meal.

It sounds good that Arabela does not only offer a classy cafe experience to us but also with their congested space-it help us to bonded in full swing as well as strengthen our friendship.


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