Sidetrip to Sampaloc Lake

Sometimes, impromptu decision will create unnecessary mess and leads you to nowhere but when it comes to out-of-plan travel it will surely hit your ‘exciting’ button. I thought Liliw will be our last itinerary but when we were on the way to San Pablo we suddenly realize that we still have time to roam around. Since San Pablo is known for its 7 lake we better see one of the largest and most accessible tourist spot which is Sampaloc Lake.

The trip from Liliw to San Pablo in Laguna is a bit time consuming so it’s almost gloaming when we reach the place. I was wondering why it was called as Sampaloc Lake when right after we disembark in the City Hall we are chasing the route of mini-forest: is there tons of Sampaloc tree encircling the area, or the Lake was shape like a Tamarind, or where it is exactly? While walking inside the Dona Leonila Park– a Park named after the wife of late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, I was baffled and at the same time excited to see the primer view of this lake.

The legendary Sampaloc Lake

The legendary Sampaloc Lake

To answer my query I even ask my friend on what’s the main story behind the fictitious but well-known Sampaloc Lake. According to the Legend,  there was an old woman who owns a grove of Tamarind (Sampaloc) Tree. She was too selfish that nobody can ask even a small quantity of its sweet fruit. One time a man was requesting the old woman to spare him some piece of tamarind but instead of sharing she bash him with her cruel dog. After that incident, the whole grove were sheathe with a non-stop thunderstorms and rain. They believe that the man hide his true identity as a Fairy to test the characteristic of old woman. Eventually, the place once owned by a greedy woman were engulf with much water that coerced the birth of Sampaloc Lake.

My stressed feet caused by climbing and walking the whole day washed away when I saw the calm water of Sampaloc Lake from the viewdeck. Even the majestic Mount Cristobal (or Mount Banahaw ba???) on the other side of the Lake witness the serenity of the place. I suggest that you come while the sun is soaring high to get the best panoramic view but anyway the Lake is still glowing even in the dark.

Tambayan Mode

Tambayan Mode

No doubt that the Lake provide a good place to relax. So for us, who unified Quezon and Laguna in 1 day, deserves a resting seat. Well, we don’t care if there’s no available chair malapad ang viewdeck, pwede na kame dyan! While sitting na parang walang nakakakita, there is one joke that tease us to laugh out loud: nagsama-sama ang mga Inday, day-off na naman ng mga DH. Along with other people who occupied the viewdeck for boundless reason we also let ourselves feel the breath of fresh air and cherish our worthy moment.

There still 6 other lake to discover in San Pablo but for now let  me close our itinerary to accomodating and legendary Sampaloc Lake.


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