If I will draft my 2012 stories into teleserye it will surely plotted with lots of bloopers, problems, challenges, survival and success. I admit its not easy to begin my 2012 when I know the fact that disputes of previous year  take effectively on day 1. It’s not a motivational factor to start my year in full encouragement but there’s a sayings…life must go on. I thought by simply goes with flow of uncertainties could give me a shortcut to achieve atleast a day of life’s comfortability. Yey, it’s really haaarrrdddd  especially when quite number of conflict barrage bombarded my 12 months of living in our planet earth. Wheewwww!

I became a shock absorber in both emotional and financial issues. I am not fully develop when it comes to maturity and definitely not rich but oh my gulay….bakit sa akin sila tumatakbo and why its difficult to say NO. Within this year, I witness I major breakup with my Dxb family. A smash of complicated relationship between us (cousins) suddenly arise in full force. I tried my level best to become a referee, spearheading an open forum and even built a connecting bridge for both parties but I failed. I used to live in a cozy place since I arrive in Dubai but a few months ago I tender a sound of goodbye. It was a decision na ikinagulat ng marami. The question of why I need to sacrifice for others for nth times (when they knew I could live without them) keep on hitting my ears. Parang naging quoatable quotes ko ata this 2012:  Sige lang gawin nyo akong sandalan, pasa-saan ba’t malalampasan din natin yan, walang iwanan, kapamilya!”

Its hard to explain the turbulence I face this year. It gives me a heart break, a pain that temporily masked my positive vibrance and tears unknowingly rolled when I’m at my lowet point. But what I love about 2012 is being balance at all times. When there are negativity that comes my way, there’s also grounds to celebrate, a gigantic blessings behind the scene, a mountainous reason to be thankful, and unlimited help from Someone above.

I remember when I was at the peak of confusion early this year, His word guide  and strengthen my will to keep going on despite of any hardship. His unconditional love embrace my whole being. At the end of each battle, He gave me a fruitful LESSON when I found myself in the shadow of darkness SEASON, an all-GAIN for the PAIN I went through and for all my MESS this year (last year and so on..), He turned it to a great MESSAGE reminding me that no matter what happen that He’s still beside me.
2012 is a year of surprises. Despite the challenges, I am thankful for every single blessings that poured in my daily lives. I ask for a good health and it was given to me accordingly. It was my access to continue working so that I can shoulder all my obligation. I just realize that though I don’t have an extra income, I can be flexible to share my resources when needed. I had an opportunity to see and be with my Family in the Philippines. It was an awesome gift I received this year! Considering the short span of my vacation, I had the best bonding moment with all of them. I also explore the gem of Luzon’s pride. In the office, we had a numerous foodtrip and unbeaten energy to uplift one another. My simple wish to visit some hotel and other  parts of Dubai finally comes into reality within 2012.
Yes,  Two Zero One Two is a TOUGH year for me, but when Someone TAP my shoulder and whisper everything happens for a reason, I gave my 100% dedication to live in a full enjoyment….and YES…..I am a survivor!  I’m on TOP because of HIM! Thank you 2012 for keeping me grounded and at the same time….a recipient of blessed life.
Let’s make 2013 a much better year for us.

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  1. rommel
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 06:05:19

    You is beautiful. You is kind. You is humble. You is not selfish. The fact that you’re even talking about really shows how un-self-centered you are. May your 2013 kick 2012 a–!


    • loidabestdiscovery
      Jan 23, 2013 @ 12:48:04

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s not easy to share my personal-challenges but I know this is always part of growing up.The best is yet to come on 2013. Excited much!!!!


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