Aside from a wonderful celebrations, the recent holiday allowed us to prepared a quite number of food recipe and automatically increase our carbs and calories intake. For almost 3 consecutive days we’re eating the leftover from new years eve and still a small bowl of lasagna in our ref keeps on inviting us to finish the last bites. O-ohh…whaaattt a holiday blessings! We start our 2013 with a blast of food feast. Actually, it is a yearly habit that hard to break….eat…eat…eat. Does it means in 365 days we’re pampering ourselves with lots of food trip???!!!!

Well, I thought I’ll be back on my normal eating mode after holiday but sorry I can’t turn down the offer of exploring the different dishes especially if its my first time. One of my officemate invites me to a dinner at her expense last night. She asked me whether I like Chili’s or Shogun. I choose the latter since I already ate at Chilis several times.

Amidst the ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), we headed to Deira to expedite our prompt girl’s date. The three of us again step out of our comfort zone to be a food explorer. Our platform: SHOGUN at Al Ghurair Mall, Tower 2. It is a Korean/Japanese/Thai restaurant roll into one. At the reception, we received the warmest welcome from their Korean waitress who lead us to our table. I really admire their simplest way of providing each group of diners a space of privacy. There’s a division in every table. We don’t know who are the guest next to us. The setting is between us and the waiter/waitress assign to our area. We can laugh and talk without getting conscious that some other diners will spare a strange look at us. Yes, they can hear our voice but they can’t see who we are. Hehe!

Of course, the interior defines the best of Korea/Japan/Thailand theme. Even their wall decor promotes the tourist spot of these 3 respective countries. It was indeed a good advertisement. Since we sit in a semi-closed area, I wonder if we need to stand, go out and call for waiter to take our order but the Shogun team was in high spirit to give us their best service. We just press the button on the right corner of our table and instantly….one of their waitress assist us with her accommodating smile. Actually, if we need anything-new order, refill or even asking for bill-all we have to do is press the button. Haha..para lang akong nag do-door bell. Nakaka aliw!

In terms of food… Shogun bring the finest dishes from these 3 countries  to Dubai. We tried Bugolgi- a korean dish of grilled marinated beef and Pad Thai-famous dish from Thailand consist of stir -fried noodles with bean sprouts and peanut. Another amazing feature of Shogun is their built-in indoor grill located at the center of each table. Ang taray! As in we are allowed to cooked our own Bugolgi. We order it raw and give us the opportunity to be a minute-chef. No need to worry because it was safe and easy to use with no smoke at all. Chikahan is at the maximum level while we’re also grilling the thin slice of beef.

Well, both Bugolgi and Pad Thai is really tasty. Actually, I can highly recommended it to other diners. But believe it or not, from the list of restaurant I tried here in Dubai, Shogun was on the top-list of giving a lots of freebies. Imagine we only order 2 main course plus 1 Green Tea and 2 Iced Tea amounting to total of AED 140/-, we got 7 side dish (platter of lettuce, carrots and cucumber, Kimchi, stir-fry cauliflower, squid, bean sprout salad, and other which I don’t know the names) and 2 more glass of Green Tea for FREE. Yayyyy…ansaya! They even refill the stir-fry cauliflower as we finish it so quickly. After we paid our bill, the waiter asked the 3 of us if we like ice cream or fruits…. again for free. Uhmm…we’re all full and yet the compliments still counting. Ok, let’s try it. Bongga! Ansayang kumain.

SHOGUN is indeed an amazing restaurant. From the ambience, service, foods, price and compliments deserves a thumbs-up. Thanks for bringing Shogun to Al Ghurair. It looks like I was soulful-winged to Korea and Thailand but physically enjoying my presence here in Dubai.


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