They say that your stay in Dubai will never be complete unless you visit the iconic Burj Al Arab. Among other tourist spot in town, Burj Al Arab topbilled the most dream hotel destination for expat like us. With its stunning impact, commuters in Sheik Zayed Road can’t pass without having a second look on it. It was a perfect picturesque along the road. Though it was open for public viewing from afar its interior is still limited to people who have a reservation inside.


BURJ AL ARAB- view from our Madinat Jumeirah escapade

Name any luxury hotel in the whole world and I bet it was included on the list. Well, it is one of a kind hotel built above the Jumeirah Beach (sea shore level) with a unique sail-shaped design that could easily capture every human’s sight. Even myself was a dreamer to see it someday. Though I already got chance to view it up close, I’m still curious to see personally the main reason why it is tagged as the most expensive and luxurious among the hotel industry.

I never imagine that ‘someday‘ will happen too quickly after our Madinat Jumeirah tour. I was so blessed to have a friend who are generous to share her Burj reservation with us. It was actually her birthday and we have lunch at Junsui. I am forever thankful to her for being a channel of blessings and helping my dreams to shift into reality mode.

one step away...ayieeee!

one step away…ayieeee!

WOW! The word constantly run on my mind the moment we enter the main entrance of the hotel. If Burj is an eye-catching centerpiece from outside it even more amazing to witness every single corner of its interior.

Golden Interior

Golden Interior taken on the Hotel Lobby. Astig!!!!

Keep your eyes on the ceiling…..



My appreciation level up when I saw the dancing fountain on our way to Mezzanine. It was precisely identified that Burj was surrounded with water but when we step inside, more watery theme awaits us. Their aquarium on both side of escalator is so pleasing to my eyes. The vibrant color of these ladderized fountain could help you enjoy the ride till you reach the M floor. There’s more……indoor dancing fountain that entertain each guest while they roam around Burj and it could reach up amidst-ceiling on its climax.

colorful fountain

colorful fountain

Believe it or not....the water will dance gracefully as the music tune in.

Believe it or not….the water will dance gracefully as the music tune in.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

On the other side of Mezzanine is the Express Lift to Al Muntaha Restaurant and Hotel’s very own Helipad. Before we try to experience how fastest the lift are we found ourselves resting on their sofas next to it overlooking the serene Jumeirah Beach.



After a while, we went staright to Express Lift. In few second, we reach the 27th floor. Non-stop! So fast! Wow…

Express Lift- a perfect place to admire the beauty of water while enjoying the ride

Express Lift- a perfect place to admire the beauty of water while enjoying the ride

the water surrounding Burj Al Arab

the water surrounding Burj Al Arab

So far, I think Burj is the only hotel with a golden plated decoration. Imagine its foundation inside, lift, flower base and ever their tissue box in comfort room area as in everything we saw is covered with gold-plated. Super Huwaaaw!

Nakaka silaw ang kulay...

Nakaka silaw ang kulay…

Top to bottom, side by side = Gold

Top to bottom, side by side = Gold

One area of the hotel is designated to Boutique where Guest can buy any symbolic item that will remind of their Burj luxurious stay.


To maximize our hour-tour, we also explore the outside vicinity of the hotel. On the curving-bridge that connect the mainland to Burj is an upclose sightseeing of another well-known Hotel-Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel--->I want to know more about you...soon!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel—>I want to know more about you…soon!

No doubt why it is consider as the most photographed because luxuries  are visible in every details of the hotel. We came here for our lunch treat so we never had a chance to see their Suites which I believe are close to excellence. If getting a reservation in one of their restaurant cost us a thousand dirhams for sure their room rates are double of its price. Wheew!

Anyhow, I don’t need to spend much (for now, hehe) on their so called “ pang -mayaman room” because by just walking on their corridor, feeding my eyes with electrifying golden plated ornaments, dining on their finest resto, and simply — wandering this hotel is more than enough for me. I can consider this day as once in a lifetime experience. It is often said that there’s a perfect timing for everybody so when my ‘reserved wish’ requires my actual presence- I take it for granted to enjoy every single minute of my stay.

Happy People @ Burj Al Arab

Happy People @ Burj Al Arab

Thank you my dear Friend (our birthday girl) for extending your kindness. Thank you BURJ AL ARAB for accommodating my desire to finally experience your extraordinary luxury to an ordinary expat like me.


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