To discover the beauty of each country by D.I.Y or following an agents itinerary might be on top of travel aficionado’s bucket list. In line with personal desire to achieve it lies the blueprints of truth and consequences. In every places you plan to visit require enough preparations, money, time etc. On the other hand, exploring each destination meets your personal satisfaction and lots of new discoveries. Whatever reason we have or ways to execute our travel plan we can’t change the fact that our crave to see the best of our planet earth remains a goal ready to fulfill anytime.

As we imagine the vast ocean, long range of mountain and number of miles that separate one place to another it could limit the possibilities of navigating each in one day. Uh-ah, would you believe that I visited some of the well-known countries in a span of 3 hours? Well, sounds imposibble but I did it. No hassle, no visa, no air fare. All I have to do is reserve myself for an hours of walking extravagant.

Welcome to GLOBAL VILLAGE!!!!!!



Global Village is a largest cultural, entertainment and shopping outdoor destination located in DubaiLand. It is a place where 7 continents meet in an effortless way,  where unique product of each country are on display and where people from different walks of lifes comes together.  It is one of the best grounds to see the world in one-stop only.

Way back in 1996, Global Village was once set up in the Creekside but due to outnumber of visitors arriving in Dubai to celebrate the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) the management decided to shift it into much bigger area. From small kiosk to massive parking area to spacious pavillion, Global Village becomes a home to more than 50 participating country, 20+ restaurants and 40+ fun rides.

Up to now, Global Village attracts a million of tourist and helped to showcase the arts and crafts of each host country. I remember the first time I landed on Global Village a few years ago, I was  totally naive while walking on each stall. I’m so happy to see the mixture of painting and lots of accessories in front of each pavillion to represent their own identity. They have a various concept every year that ignites the excitement among shoppers. Most of them are lifesize symbolic elements rooted from so many features of all events participants.

As soon as the gate open at 4pm, we also began our first step tour around  the world. We went straight to Philippines Pavillion to see some of our proudly pinoy product. There is a small kiosk inside that sell pinoy food which is rare in Dubai market. Not only we, Filipinos are eager to know whats going on but glad to see other nationalities who seems happy to bought and try our ‘iba ang orig‘ product.


Amazing Thailand Pavillion is no longer a surprise to many as they are considered one of the most busiest commercial stall along with China Pavillion. Both are budget-marketers. My AED 20.00 is more than enough to buy some home accessories.

I consider UAE as my second home. I never been to our neighbor country. Thanks to Global Village for allowing me to explore other Middle East region.

middle east

Roaming fron one country to another gives me a short view of their unbelievable creativity. Each product play a vital language to promotes the best of its country origin.


Africa and European tour is a dream destination for lots of travel enthusiast. In reality, it will challenge us to save more but here in Global Village we can have a quick stopover to all these dream places. It’s easy to explore each country without draining my wallet. Yipee!!!!


Well, Global Village shelters not only the best trademark of all participating countries but also offer lots of leisure by providing a free cultural entertainment every night. Some of the respected singers, dancers and performers across the globe gather for a fun-filled DSF celebration. It’s really amazing to be a live audience for an hour of multi-talented artist entertaining in a multi-cultural world.


How I wish to discover more of the world’s wonder by travelling in the future. I may note see for now the real natural resources, old ages Temple, Mosque, towering infrastructure, exotic animals and other iconic symbols but I hope time will definitely come when all these creations is close to my personal fulfillment. Meantime, I’m so happy to explore the Global Village—-an ideal venue to have a quick escapade around the world.


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