PLAN: Surprise visit to my family

WHEN: 3RD week March 2013


As early as January this year, I try to submit my leave application without assurance  if they will accept it or not. I am not sure if they will grant my request as my vacation six months ago are still fresh on their mind. Whoaaa…. my tons of blessing level up when I got a 100% approval. Yehey, my plan is ready for execution.

Actually, this ‘Surprise Peg’ is not my sole plan. Together with my cousin we had a pre-planning activities late last year. For her — to come home after 2 yrs and attend to her daughters graduation and for me–to be with my family again and to have a short break from work. Equip with lots of enthusiam to make it work we started to carry out every details in a most secretive manner. Like they said, not all plan turns successful because there are unwanted scene hurdles along the way. My cousin’s proposed secret plan eventually leak within her family a few days before our exact date of departure. It became a massive announcement. Despite of revelation on her side, I have to stick with my own plan since they don’t know that I’m also coming home. My secret agenda to surprise my family remain intact and undoubtful.

While on board, I felt a different touch of excitement. It was my first time to do these things and I’m close to fulfilment when I saw my other cousin’s face the moment he glance us on the arrival waiting area. He didn’t expect that I also visit our native land so soon.


It was past 7pm when we arrive at our place. My cousin’s kids were shouting when they saw their mama. It was a predictable scenario to see how they are affectionate with each other after leaving far away from home. What gave them a puzzled look is when I physically appear without any hint. I thought my plan will end there but eventually they became my secret agent for the final approach of my mission.

A small group of my cousins accompany me to our house. My parents was a bit shocked when I show up. After a few minutes, they were back on track, gave their best hugged and throw a queries why all of a sudden I came home. Well..well..well..I have 2 reasons to go for vacation (1) to hang out with my family  and friends (2) to unwind, relax and recharge my energy. I never expect that there will be third reason to celebrate my homecoming (3) 1st grand family reunion. Yes, yes, Yow…I  have a complete package as in 3 events in 1 plan.


Nowadays (if you’re an expat), planning to have a no-announcement vacation to our home country is very challenging. It’s not easy to keep mum when 2-4 person knows my plan. Thankfully, they’re all set of good people as they keep my hidden agenda as private as possible. They, too, are excited to know the result. Oh, well, my surprise plan was a huge success. I love surprises especially when I am the doer and wholeheartedly, part of it.

My surprise vacation is a simple mission where my secret action is require for an execution.

If before I wish and plan,


I am done and accomplished.


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