Hello Summer!

Most of my days are spent in the no-rain emirates of Dubai. Though I experience the rising humidity in the desert city, I still miss the summer in the Philippines. I been away for so many months and my desire to feel the taste of summer in our home country increase a bit when my leave was granted.

There are lots of way to enjoy this season but among the list of activities connected with it, beach bumming never fails to entice our dearest people. Our boys (in the family) makes a point to have a once-a-year bonding moment either in a private pool or beach. The suppose to be plan of ‘4-da-boys-only’ eventually change into mix of boys and girls. Just before I came home, they already set a plan to spend a night at Laiya. I never been to this haven’s place and this getaway serves as a good start of my summer-ific fun in my native land.


If Aklan are widely known for Boracay, Batangas has numerous resort for Beach goers. One of the distinguish beach  destination in ‘Ala Eh’ province are located in the coastline of Laiya-part of San Juan, Batangas. Though lots of exclusive resort are sacttered all over Laiya, we just book our stay-cation in an open beach. We’re so lucky that despite of outnumber of people who wish to be there also we got a cottage closer to shoreline.

Our excitement reach the highest level when we walk down to the shore. The calm ocean greeted us amidst the darkness engulf on the whole area. Lots of beach lovers who came first are having a good fun even in the night. Some of my cousins are tempted to swim but I choose to stay in the side happily watching them. It’s gloomy and the lightings share by some cottages are not enough to cover our safety.

Laiya’s beauty glows even in the dark but its spark continue to bloom till dawn.

Laiya at 5:00 AM

Laiya at 5:00 AM

When blue skies kiss the ocean!

When blue skies kiss the ocean!

Imagine as early as 5Am, Laiya Beach hooked more and more vacationers. I don’t know if they were there the whole time. Anyway, like them, we’re here to maximize our stay.

Go, Swimmers!

Go, Swimmers!

One of the best moment in the beach is to see the sunrise.



Thank you for a wonderful day.

Thank you for a wonderful day. Laiya Moment!

Laiya are not only a swimming destination but also a good venue to try boat riding activities. It may not be as perfect as what other beach resort has to offer  but its worth a try. I didn’t saw the actual marine life underwater which according to my cousins who avail the boat services, are somehow marvelous and breathtaking.

Wanna ride???

Wanna ride???

Too many people...wohooo...

Too many people…wohooo…

We swim as quick as possible before the heat strikes so high. All of us enjoy our bonding moment. From kiddos to adult, Laiya became our bonding place to paints another history of happiness.


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