Breakfast Meeting

When I heard the word “meeting” I often connected it with a group of people gather together to discuss one common goal. There are 2 official meeting that I can relate to. During my school days, I had to ask my parents to attend a PTA meeting held on seasonal basis and now that I’m working in a corporate world, boss-employee meeting are very common if theres some issue to resolve or report to finalize. I never thought that another informal version will be introduce to me during my short vacay in the Philipppines-breakfast meeting. How it all started?

I love going out with my friends. I remember when we were in highschool we used to hang out after our exams or had  a quick food trip in one of our classmate’s house during their barangay fiesta. Since we are teen-y students, we had a limited time to go out because of our studies. As usual, our environment revolves only from house to school and within the time period given by our parents. Our ‘uwian time’ or 5pm habit are the best bonding moment for chikahan. Fast forward, they remain my solid friends and until now we keep in touch wherever we are. Our constant communication help us to find a perfect time to bond despite working in a different sector. Most of them resides in our home country while other are based abroad.

We normally meet up after working hours. It’s the only free time to relax, unwind, and update our whereabouts. As the days goes by, we are also adjusting to each other comfortable time zone. Some of my HS buddies are working over time so our suppose get together plan after working hours ( between 4-6pm) change into see-you-tonight session.  We happily chatting without reservation. Moving on again, some of my friends got married and start their motherhood journey but what sweet about them is their capacity to hang out with us inspite of gaining new status. Late dinner date is no longer possible for them as they have bigger responsibilities now. We understand their situation and we also told them they are not oblige to attend in every function we set but of course we are more happier if they will able to join. So with respect to my married and mommy friends, we all agreed to meet up in the morning which is a convenient time for them if they want to bring their cute child. From then on, we always call our morning date as Breakfast Meeting

I”m thankful for the realization that I belong to the chain of friendship where everybody cares, loves, understand and adjust to any given situation. Way back to our teen stage up to what we are now, our bond-date allow us to be more flexible whether it is set on afternoon, after working hours, lunch or an invites to Breakfast Meeting.


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