The ever growing camaraderie in the office were extended outside especially when there are events to celebrate. For us, girls, its just a normal soiree to dine together with or without valid reason but this time, boys happily join our bonding moment. My colleague who lionize his special day last April treat us to a dinner feast. It took almost a week to decide where and when to eat. Though agitated at first, we finally agreed to have our evening meal at The Noodle Room.

On our way to Dubai Marina where the restaurant is situated at the classy Murjan- Jumeirah Beach Residence, the birthday boy confess his uncertainty to leave as per our normal office timing.  Apart from his fear that our boss might call anytime, eating as early as 6:30pm is far from his gastronomical habit. Well, he’s wish to eat late come true when we got lost. Due to road construction on both side we hardly find the exact location and we ended up turning to different direction. By the help of my other officemate who gave us the proper instruction we finally reach the restaurant but took us more delay to find a parking close to the area. We decided to park on the other side of the building and have a walk all the way to The Noodle Room.

The Noodle Room is known for its array of Asian fusion cuisines. They have a ample selection of starters, soups, salad, viand, dessert and of course-noodles. Being an early birds, my two girl buddy, order  a 2 set of crispy Prawn Crackers while waiting for us. One set are almost finish when we (latecomers) arrive at venue. While having a chit-chat, we tasted their best-seller Buddha’s Delight which is a primer order of our vegetarian birthday celebrant. It consist of fried baby corn and mushroom coated with special thin crust. We also tried Chicken Satay  which is marinated in a lemongrass and curry. To blend with not-so-hot weather, we order a velvet Corn and Crabmeat soup.

We had an Entertainer Voucher that allow us to have a two main course for a price of 1. Since we had 2 vouchers on hand we can enjoy an equally 4 main course in 1 dining. Oh-oh lucky! We order a sizzling Seafood platter and Rock Prawn-a tempura coated with chilled wafu  sauce serve in a bed of lettuce. The blistering effect of our sizzling plates makes a huge impact to other diners as they keep on gazing to our order. Aftermath, I even forgot to ask what my vegetarian co-workers choice of meal.  What’s the use of dining in a Noodle room without trying their own noodles receipe? We are intrigued with their version of Glass Noodle so we gave it a try. Well, nothing special on it but still the taste are satisfactory to us.

Thank u C for this photo!

Thank u C for this photo!


For dessert, we tasted their Mango Pudding- a fresh mango with a glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk as foundation plus lychee and jackfruit as side dish. It actually wow-ed us. They harmonized a good taste combination.

Thank u C for this photo...

Thank u C for this photo…

We’re done with dessert but our Vietnamese Spring Roll are missing in action. We order it along with our appetizers but they didn’t serve it on time. Since we are loaded with heavy meal we decided to take it out along with other set of main course in favor of our voucher. Kumain na may take out pa!

Overall, The Noodle Room are good setting to try a variety of Oriental dishes. All their price list is budget-friendly and most of all- it cater the food requirement of our Vegetarian officemate.


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