Another corporate events unfolds last May 5 at the Horizon’s Restaurant in Amwaj Rotana-Jumeirah Beach Residence. We throw a Thanksgiving/Farewell Party for our dear colleague who have been with us for 7 years and decided to stay good in our home country. She told us her decision to resign mid last year. She even gave us a hint that November (2012) is her last working month. Sad for her, she didn’t pursue her plan because of some circumstances that require her presence in the office. Fast forward to 2013, her resignation were move from 1 month to another. It’s not because she is confuse but she agreed to stay a little longer for the sake of her commitment to the company. But then again, time definitely come when we need to face her decision- a moment of truth that for the next month onward she is no longer physically present in all our office and social gatherings.

I told myself not to cry but its not easy to hold my tears when each one of us convey our farewell message. Each message pinpoints her strength as an employee and how she touch our lives by her simplicity, humility and generosity. I’m a bit emotional when I reminisced our journey together. How we first introduce, work as a team even we’re on different department, she handle my job when I’m out of the office, exchanging stories and all our celebrations and adventures once in while. I can’t describe the feelings of saying goodbye to a colleague whom I consider as one of my closest friend in Dubai. I can share my happiest-moment to everyone but it took a lot of courage to find someone who can understand, accept and encourage when I hit the lowest point or having a rough times. And she’s one of few people I can trust about my stories of triumphs and failure. She never fail to share her total package of friendship every single day.

I remember we also gave a farewell party to some of our previous staff several years ago but I never felt any emotional disturbance before. This time tears refuse to hide. It serves as my icebreaker to utter those words of gratefulness that enormously grow over the years. I had bunch of reasons to thanked her and I think we are all blessed by her existence. To lighten our mood, we prepare a short presentation to remind her all the fun memories we had share from the time she join our company till our last food trip as a group. A 4-minute picture display of our adventures paints a remarkable grin on everyone’s face. It suddenly show us how we are all started, where we have been and a simple revelation that even on a non-working day we meet up to discover more of Dubai’s life.

Hayzzz, time really flies! 7  years of working together is about to end. I will miss her strength as a woman, flexibility in multi-tasking, her word of wisdom, her chortle on my corniest joke- wala na akong kabatuhan ng linya– and especially herself-as a true friend. I am sure all our staff have the same sentiments. She will surely missed.

The song play as a background on our presentation simplify what we want to tell her:

Farewell to you my friend

We’ll see each other again

Dont worry coz its not the end of everything

I may be miles away

But here is my heart will stay

With you, my friend with you…..

As of this writing, she permanently leave our office and will leave Dubai in a few days. Though we got a teary-eyed by closing this chapter, we know she will be happy to be home in the Philippines. We are so blessed to met her in Dubai and I am sure our friendship will remain the same wherever we are. Farewell my dear Friend..see you in the Philippines!


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