FUN….In the eyes of a child

Last Friday, we celebrate the 3rd birthday of our friend’s daughter. Having a Princess Popstar as a birthday theme all kids are requested to dress up like a Prince and Princess. So when we arrive at Fun City in Oasis Center we saw all kids came with their cutest costume including our dear Aliyah. Kids are naturally adorable and they become more eye-pleaser when they have an extra effort of wearing any cosplay. Imagine in one venue we able to meet  Princess, Barbie, Cinderella, Thor, Superman in a short but memorable span of time.


One advantage of celebrating parties in Fun City is the privilege of birthday celebrant and all attendees to use their facilities especially Rides. Aside from the colorful surroundings, all kiddie rides persuade kids to enjoy their stay and let their heart deluge with tons of pleasure. Even their tagline(Fun City- Come Play) connotes the assurance of getting a  happy moments for all their guests. I think this is what all child wants- to play all around and Fun City is the perfect place to be. As we stroll on the 4 corner of  the venue, we saw the unbeatable smile in every kid’s face. Our dear Aliyah is one of the kids who play, rides, and enjoy every single minute at Fun City.

Every child deserves the right to play and have fun. We should let them shine on this particular stage because it will give them a good experience to create a happy childhood. Though this chapter of being a kid will pass, I do believe that all memories will stick to their mind when they grow up. I am also one of those kids who enjoy my younger days.  I still remember the place wehere we hang out after school or during weekend, my playmates who are now enjoying their parental status and all those game that we used to play-Piko, Taguan, Chinese garter, Bahay-bahayan, Patintero etc. Whoahhh,  I’m blessed to received such kind of fun-filled memories that I can share to any generation now. Of course, I am thankful to my parents for allowing me to explore the happiness of being a playful kid.

Whenever I saw playground like what I discover in Fun City and the laughters of every kid when the rides are on, it reminds me of my childhood. The wings of my life where I relish my blissful day while having unlimited access to FUN-tastic memoirs of being a child.


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